30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sayonara Salute #4: Trevor Hoffman

It's official... today Trevor Hoffman formally announced his retirement from playing baseball at PETCO Park in San Diego. As a huge Padres fan who had the privilege to watch Mr. Hoffman pitch at least a couple of times, I'm excited to hear that he'll be back in the Padres organization.

He spent 16 of his 18 year career in San Diego, where he racked up 552 saves as a Padres reliever. I was disappointed that the Padres organization didn't allow Mr. Hoffman to finish his career with the team he stayed loyal to for all of those years. The Brewers gave him a chance in 2009 and he rewarded them by making his 7th all-star appearance. He also recorded his record setting 600th and 601st career saves as a Brewer this past season.

But that's in the past... and thankfully... he's back where he belongs. It's uncertain what his exact role will be, but it will involve both the business side and the baseball-operations end of the franchise. Maybe he'll be able to talk some sense into the owners and remind them how important franchise players are to the fans.

Alright...enough complaining. Right now it's time to say sayonara to Trevor Time. Baseball will miss watching the all-time saves reliever take the field. San Diego fans will no longer see the greatest closer in franchise history. And for me... well... shoot. I'm just going to miss him.

Thank you for everything you've done on the field for baseball and especially your fans. Last, but not least... best of luck to you as you start the next chapter in your life.


  1. I've seen him save many games for the Padres. He'll be missed.

  2. I never actually got to see him pitch in San Diego... but I've watched him pitch a couple of times against the Giants in SF.