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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sayonara Salute #5: Brett Favre

Yesterday... Brett Favre officially filed his retirement paper with the NFL for the 3rd time in four years. Who knows if he'll stay retired, but after watching him play this past season... my guess is it's over.

For more than a decade, Brett Favre was my favorite football player... actually it was more like 15 seasons. He took the Green Bay Packers to back to back Super Bowls and won one of them. His career has had its share of ups and downs, but as a huge fan... I'll choose to remember the good things he has done for the Packers organization and his career.

Favre was chosen to represent the NFC in eleven Pro Bowls and won three consecutive NFL MVP awards. He holds almost every passing record out there:

Passes Completed: 6,300
Passes Attempted: 10,169
Passing Yards: 71,838
Passing Touchdowns: 508

I know... he holds a couple of other records too... like most interceptions and most times sacked, but today I'm celebrating his retirement... not Favre bashing.

I'll be honest the past several seasons have been a struggle as a Favre fan. When he and the Packers decided to go separate ways... I was torn on who to support. I was frustrated that Favre couldn't make up his mind... and upset with the Packers organization for letting their iconic quarterback go.

Then... when he went to the Jets I was relieved. I could still cheer for him and be a Packers' fan at the same time. But then my worst nightmare became a reality. Favre signed with the Vikings. He immediately became the enemy and although I didn't hate him... I hated his decision to sign with a rival.

It was even more painful to watch the Packers get knocked out by the Cardinals in last year's Wild Card game, while Favre led the Vikings to the NFC Conference Championship game. Thankfully... Drew Brees took care of business and knocked the Vikings out of the playoffs.

And this season... well... let's just say it hasn't been a good one for Mr. Favre. Between some interesting news involving private parts and text messages, the Vikings' 6-10 season, and a consecutive games started streak coming to an end... it's my belief that it's real this time.

Hopefully the nightmare will come to an end and the following will happen:

A. Brett Favre will spend some quality time at home with his family without getting the media involved.

B. The Packers organization will let bygones be bygones and honor Favre by retiring his jersey and entering him into their Hall of Fame.

C. Fans (especially Packers fans) will find it in their hearts to forgive Favre and all of the drama he brought upon himself, his family, his teammates, his bosses, and of course his fans.

Sayonara Brett. Thank you for all of the great memories. You singlehandedly made football fun to watch for me during the 90's. And now that you're no longer a Minnesota Viking, I can officially go back to collecting your cards. I just hope he didn't jinx the Packers by picking them to win the Super Bowl this year.

So... today's question is:

Is he really finished?

Damn... I sure hope so. What's the saying? Fool me once... shame on you. Fool me twice... shame on me. What the heck happens if you fool me thrice?

Have a great week everyone!


  1. I hope that's it, it's turned into a joke.

    I've taken one of your scans for my website Mark, I'll credit you & promote your blog, I have a lack of Favre cards!

  2. Great Post, he was one of the best QB's to ever play the game. He should just retire. It's sad to see greats go to other teams and then have bad seasons. I hated seeing Joe Montana in KC uniform. Or Rice with the Raiders. I never got used to it.

  3. Good post! Someone with class who can write a good post without being hateful and mean-spirited.

  4. martyn - anytime friend!

    kev2380 - i couldn't agree more... that's why i'm such a huge fan of tony gwynn. i loved that fact that he was loyal... and not to a big market team... he was loyal to the padres. as for montana & rice... they'll always be remembered for their years with the 49ers... much like jordan will be remembered for his time with the bulls... and ultimately, i hope favre will be remembered for his time with the packers.

    anonymous - thanks for the kind words... i try to be as positive as i can be... just in case my students, or my nieces & nephews, or even my parents are reading my posts ;-)

  5. He's done.

    Love those Masterpieces cards.