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Monday, May 9, 2022

Being Extra Selective

Two weeks ago, I made my sixth eBay sports card purchase of the year.  Now I realize that we're all different when it comes to hobby budgets and trading card purchases.  That's what make each us unique as collectors.

Personally... it usually only takes me a few days... or maybe a few weeks to buy six sports card related items on eBay.  In an effort to give you some perspective, here's a look at the number of days it took me to make my sixth sports card related purchase in the five previous years:

2017: 22 Days
2018: 14 Days
2019: 3 Days
2020: 4 Days
2021: 23 Days
2022: 117 Days

What's the difference this year?  Cutbacks.  I'm still buying sports cards.  I'm just being more selective in my purchases and the bulk of those purchases have been on COMC or at card shows.

Honestly... for me to pull the trigger and buy a card on eBay... it has to be a pretty good deal.  And as many of us are aware, the hobby boom has impacted the number of "good deals" to be had.  That being said... this card recently popped up on one of my saved eBay searches:

1995-96 Seattle Thunderbirds Team Issue #15

If this card looks familiar, it's because I've written about it before.  Well... not this exact card, but one just like it.  It's Patrick Marleau's first trading card.  You'd think that being a mid 90's trading card, there'd be plenty available.  But they don't show up very often.  There are a few copies on eBay right now, but they're way more than the $1.99 (+ $1.18 shipping & tax) BIN price tag that popped up two weeks ago.

There's a press conference being held by the San Jose Sharks on Tuesday where Marleau will discuss his future hockey plans.  At 42 years of age and an NHL record 1,779 games behind him, it's expected that he'll retire.  However weirder things have been known to occur. 

Since hockey posts are a rare occurrence on this blog, I figured I'd show off some other recent additions to my San Jose Sharks PC.  First up is this shiny insert of Martin Jones:

2020-21 Metal Universe Intimidation Nation #IN-13

I purchased this card on COMC back in January for 33¢.  My memory is a little hazy, but I'm pretty sure this card was shown on someone's blog, so I decided to grab one for myself.  I've always been a fan of the Pinnacle Mask inserts from the 90's and this particular card gives off that vibe.

The rest of the cards in this post were generously sent to me by Reader X.  Back in April, he commented on a post requesting a reaction on the stack of Sharks he sent my way since hockey cards are very underrepresented in the blogosphere.

Well here ya go Xavier...

2016-17 O-Pee-Chee Rainbow Foil #282

Marleau is one of the greatest players in franchise history... and one of my personal favorites.  I had hoped that he'd spend his entire career in San Jose, but he left and signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs the season after this O-Pee-Chee parallel was produced.

2016-17 O-Pee-Chee Black Rainbow Foil #80 (#'d 38/100)

Joel Ward was a fan favorite during his three seasons in San Jose.  I only have a handful of his cards and this is by far the coolest.  The black borders and rainbow shine really brings life to this piece of cardboard.

2019-20 UD Ultimate Collection #156 (#'d 038/299)

I'm not exactly sure what the San Jose Sharks are currently doing, but I'm guessing "rebuild" has something to do with it.  Noah Gregor is one of the younger Sharks who received a significant amount of ice time this past season.  However he only scored 8 goals in 63 games.  Not exactly sure if he'll be back in San Jose next season

2020-21 UD Allure Red Rainbow #102

I can't remember the last time I opened up a pack of hockey cards.  But the next time I do, I sure hope to pull something like this bright and shiny red parallel.  This card is gorgeous.  Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with Letunov and it looks like he's no longer with the Sharks.

And rounding out the stack of Sharks sent by Xavier is my current favorite player:

2020-21 UD Allure Diagnostics #D-1

Burnzie and his beard just wrapped up his 11th season in San Jose.  During that time, he's been one of the most popular players... if not the most popular.  I'm hoping he'll have an opportunity to reach the postseason again as a Shark, but at 36 years of age... time is running out.

And since I'm not sure when I'll write another hockey card post, here are two more cards featuring former San Jose Shark captain... Joe Pavelski:

2020-21 UD Artifacts Blue Sapphire #63 (#'d 058/499)
2019-20 UD Allure White Rainbow #27

I'm not rooting for Dallas in the playoffs... but I'll always root for Little Joe.  He's currently leading the team in goals during the postseason.

Thanks Xavier for these latest additions to the San Jose Sharks PC and for inspiring a rare hockey card post on this blog.

Happy Monday and sayonara!


Crocodile said...

Nice cards and its too bad the Wild let Burns go. I met him and got an auto'd puck after he was drafted. I think he was maybe 19 when that happened, kind of weird to picture him without the beard now.

Brett Alan said...

There can't be many cards from that era of guys who are still active players in a team sport. (I suppose there are athletes in some sports, such as golf, who still play occasionally at a later age.) Anyone know what the oldest card of an active major-league level player currently is?

Fuji said...

crocodile - can't even imagine him without a beard. pretty sure your puck is rare. he's only signed for me one time and it was a photo for a friend which he personalized.

brett alan - according to this site... it's albert pujols


Johnnys Trading Spot said...

I haven't bought much off Ebay the last few months, almost nil. Not sure why.

Nick Vossbrink said...

I'v kind of wanted to start a Sharks PC for the 1990s teams. Haven't come anywhere near starting that though.

Jon said...

I've only bought three cards off of eBay since November, so you've got me beat. Between the lack of deals, crazy bidders, crazy shipping prices, and that new-ish internet sales tax; it just isn't worth it for me to spend much time looking around on there anymore.

The Lost Collector said...

I am trending way behind in my eBay purchases this year. I am at 20 purchases...which still sounds like a lot I guess, but it feels like I am slowing down. Only three since April 1.

Bo said...

I use eBay primarily for vintage collecting. I probably have the same number of purchases but they are much smaller. Part of it is that as my collection grows, I don't need bulk early 70's commons anymore, for example. Still adding random things as they catch my eye, usually for a dollar or two.

By the way I sent you an email yesterday about a trade - not sure if you saw it?

SumoMenkoMan said...

You have lots of self restraint, but I hear you. Good deals are getting harder and harder to come by. Cool cards and some generous readers!

Fuji said...

johnnys trading spot - with all the great stuff you pick up at shows, i think you're doing pretty well.

nick vossbrink - i've got seriously bad "dory" memory. but if you shoot me an email, i can definitely help you get that sharks collection off the ground. it just might take a reminder or two ;D

jon - all of the points you listed are the exact reasons i've cut back myself. although i did make three ebay card related purchases since sunday.

the lost collector - 20 isn't too bad. there were times where i'd make 20 purchases in a month. not sure it'll ever get back to that for me though.

bo - thanks for the email. sorry it took me so long to reply. it was buried in some other unread emails. just not enough time in the day

sumomenkoman - you're one of those generous guys. hoping to hang out this summer and buy you a beer and dinner. i still owe you. in a perfect world, xavier would be able to hang, since i owe him too.