30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, April 15, 2019

An Up and Down Weekend

Yesterday sucked.  Well... at least in regards to my favorite teams.  The A's gave up a five run lead to the last place Rangers.  The first place Padres got beat down by the Diamondbacks.  And my beloved Sharks lost again and are two games away from being eliminated from the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Outside of my three teams losing, it was actually a pretty awesome Sunday.  I slept in for the first time in foreverTiger won at AugustaGame of Thrones is back.  And thanks to Ryan who generously sent me five Topps, Bowman, and Gypsy Queen parallel packs... I had another much appreciated session of sports card therapy.

I'll go ahead and let the cards speak for themselves...

2017 Bowman Prospects Yellow Retail Pack

2018 Bowman Prospects Camo Pack

2018 Topps Chrome Pink Refractor Pack

2016 Topps Chrome Pink Refractor Pack

2017 Gypsy Queen Green Pack

Overall... not a lot of big names.

But I was pretty excited to finally get my hands on a Fernando Tatis Jr. card for my San Diego Padres PC.

Okay, it's your turn...

Anyone else excited to watch the final season of Game of Thrones?  Anyone else excited to see Tiger Woods don the iconic Green Jacket again?  Anyone else open packs to help them take a break from the real world?

Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. Couldn't stop watching the Masters. It was awesome and I loved seeing Tiger win again. Didn't bust any packs, but that's ok. Still was a great Sunday.

  2. Anyone else excited to watch the final season of Game of Thrones?... Nope!
    Anyone else excited to see Tiger Woods don the iconic Green Jacket again?... Not really!
    Anyone else open packs to help them take a break from the real world?... No!

  3. Very excited about GoT. Someone said that the whole season could just be Bran freaking people out and it would work.

    Not a golf fan. It’s nice Tiger gets one more day in the sun, but I don’t really care.

    Total yes on baseball cards as therapy. Poring through a dime box or opening packs during a Mets game is a time when all is right with the world, and I need more of those.

  4. I haven't even tuned In to GOT yet.I'll have to ,soon!

    It's nice to see Tiger win again.Just like old times.

    Nothing helps me escape the real world better than a video game.Posing and taking pics of action figures also helps as well as organizing and looking at baseball cards.I don't buy many packs these days.

  5. I was excited for GOT to start up again then I watched it and it was a dud. Like going to the ballpark and seeing your favorite team lose. (which happened to me twice this year)

    Golf - Blah.

    I do not open packs to take a break from the real world. Opening packs ends up a disappointment 90% of the time. I don't need to add disappointment to an already bad day. Reading comics is better for getting away for me.

  6. One of the reasons I love busting so much wax is to "escape" the real world. The only time that backfires is when it's a super horrible (and I mean SUPER horrible) break as you can probably tell from some of my curse filled recaps lol.

  7. Game of Thrones: Haven't seen one episode.

    The Masters: Exciting tournament! There are so many talented players these days. I'm not a big fan of Tiger, but it's really impressive how he's made his way back to the top after hitting some pretty big low points over the past few years. He earned the win, for sure.

    Opening Packs: Haven't done that in years, but it definitely provides a little escape.

  8. Anyone else excited to watch the final season of Game of Thrones? Never seen it.
    Anyone else excited to see Tiger Woods don the iconic Green Jacket again? The narrative was pretty compelling.
    Anyone else open packs to help them take a break from the real world? Probably but that goes for collecting in general I guess.

  9. I've never seen Game of Thrones before, but everyone always tells me to watch it.
    I'll admit, I'm not a huge Tiger fan because of how ESPN covered him way too much during the years when he wasn't even relevant. Still, it was nice to see him don the Green Jacket in Augusta.
    I'm hoping to get my hands on some packs soon, but I have no clue what.

  10. Yes
    It was a pretty good Sunday.

  11. If i had some packs yes. The other two are a no. I can't watch golf and not a fan of Game Of Thrones. Well, have never actually seen it but I can tell from a distance it wouldn't interest me.

  12. I'm way behind on Game of Thrones.

    I used to watch golf as I used to play some as well but don't really anymore.

    Sorting cards and opening packs is a wonderful way to de-stress.

  13. Sorry about your teams all losing Sunday. I watched the Masters twice Sunday. It was an awesome back nine. They say the Masters don't begin until the back nine on Sunday, and they were right this year for sure.

  14. Wow. Mixed reviews across the board.

    the lost collector - i watched the highlights a few times of the masters a few times. really nice to see him win again

    jon - lol. 0 for 3

    sg488 - glad to know i'm not the only one who enjoys busting a pack here or there

    brett alan - i can't wait to see the battle at winterfell... and the clash of the dragons. opening packs at a game is a nice twist. might have to give that a shot this season

    big tone - i'm really glad i gave GOT a chance. i've watched it multiple times and see something new every time. as far as packs... i don't buy a lot of them either. although i did just buy 100 different packs from walmart. stay tuned

    adame - i kinda figured episode 1 would be plot development. i wouldn't be surprised if the action didn't really hit until episode 3. maybe i need to try reading some of my comic books

    chris p - lol. i love your box breaks. i get most of my pack busting thrills by just reading your blog

    gregory - i didn't actually watch the tournament, but saw the recap and have been listening to local sports talk chime in on his win. it definitely sounds like he earned it.

    laurens - yeah. i probably could have included sorting and looking at cards with opening packs

    henry blanchette - walmart has a pretty good deal... 50 packs for $20. some junk wax, but lots of other cool stuff too.

    gcrl - the "yes" trifecta!

    parts of my past - i can't watch golf either... but i love watching highlights. not just tiger highlights. i enjoy watching great golf shots in general

    adam - i think unlike most shows... got has gotten progressively better. season 7 was pretty awesome

    johnnys trading spot - hmmm. i wonder if i can watch the back nine on the internet somewhere.