30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, December 3, 2018

Hankering for a BJ

No.  I'm not talking about Billy Joel, Blue Jays, or Breakfast Jacks.  I'm talking about one of these:

I took today off to give my back one more day of rest.  I'm trying my best to keep myself horizontal, which means that there isn't much for me to do other than watch TV or read card blogs.  So this morning, I spent about an hour catching up on everyone's blog posts.

That's when I discovered that P-town Tom is hosting his 3rd Annual Best Card of the Year Contest over on his blogWaiting 'til Next Year...

It's easy to enter.  All you need to do is write about your favorite card produced in 2018 and leave a link to your blog post here.  Although he would prefer us to select a card currently sitting in our collection, he won't hold us to that rule.  It's a good thing, because the card I'm nominating is the 2018 Topps Archives Fan Favorites Autograph of baseball statistician Bill James.

I've been wanting to pick up this card for my collection since I first laid eyes on it earlier in the year.  I've thrown out more than ten bids, but haven't been able to win a copy yet.  Maybe my luck will change and I'll have one in my possession before the end of the contest deadline, which is January 7th, 2019.

Well that's it for now.  If you're interesting in seeing the prizes he's giving away, head over to his blog and see for yourself.  And be prepared to share your Favorite Card of 2019.

Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. Billy Joel, Blue Jays, or Breakfast Jacks we’re not the first things to come to mind when I read this title Haha

  2. No teeth. Just the way I like them.

  3. I'm sorry to say we may have been bidding against each other as I'm trying to snag a copy of this auto as well! LOL

  4. I'm going to share this on Twitter, despite the title!


  5. Good thing this post turned the corner. Ha! Thanks for the notice for P-Town Tom.

  6. That's an attention grabbing title. A Bill James auto is up there with a Dr. Andrews auto for unique cards I would like to add. I am going to get my post together this week.

  7. coast to posts & marc - oh... billie jean... right? ben and jerry's?

    zippy zappy - lol. tmi

    p-town tom - ever wonder how often we've bid against each other. i'm sure it happens at least a few times a year.

    kin -lol. share away buddy!

    peter k steinberg - nothing to be nervous about. i've got this 100% under control.

    sumomenkoman - if someone else is gonna win, i hope it's someone i know. good luck buddy!

    collecting cutch - gotta love some good old click bait.

  8. No one's made a BJ and the Bear reference yet? It was totally the 4th or 5th thing I thought of.

    1. There was a time when I wanted to be a truck driver. BJ and the Bear were the inspiration.