30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, December 22, 2018

A Nice Two-Fer

A few days ago I received nice two card package from GCA who runs the blog: The Collective Mind.

First up is this sweet Billy Butler patch card:

2016 Museum Collection Meaningful Material Prime Relics #MMPR-BBU

Butler's tenure in Oakland might have been average at best... but this patch is about as nice as it comes.

The other card that Greg sent was a two-fer:

2014 Triple Threads Unity Autograph Jumbo Relics #UAJR-JPA (#'d 50/50)

It's obviously a nice addition to my Oakland Athletics collection, but since it's the last card in the print run... it also fits my Prime Numbers PC.  

Greg and I have have commented on each others blogs for years and this is at least the second package I've received from him.  But I don't have any record of sending him any cards.  Well that's gonna change.

Thank you for this generous holiday care package!  Your name has been added to my Hit List and your address is officially in my address book, so stay tuned.  You'll be the first person on my 2019 shopping list.

Happy Saturday and sayonara!


  1. Nice card of Yankees legend Billy Butler!

  2. Butler in a A's uniform is really weird.

  3. I like Billy Butler. It's too bad he lost his mojo there over his last three years, because he had a pretty good 5-year run from 2009-2013.

  4. Nice! I like the A's colors for sure and especially on cards.

  5. Topps Museum is one of those sets that can elevate nearly any card. That Billy Butler patch is no exception.

  6. the lost collector - didn't realize he even went to the yankees. had to look it up... but gotta admit his numbers were very impressive

    zippy zappy - he'll always be a kansas city royal in my mind

    raz - yeah... he was rock solid in kc. never should have left

    sumomenkoman - charlie finley did something right ;)

    henry blanchette - i'm a huge fan of topps museum... although i'm usually targeting their on-card signatures

    sport card collectors - can't argue with ya.