30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Thursday, March 10, 2011

PC Spotlight #10: Japanese Wax Packs

I've been collecting Japanese baseball cards for a couple of years now... but last weekend I added a twist to my collecting habits. I've decided to start collecting unopened Japanese baseball card packs.

The idea popped into my head after I recently received my order from Yakyu Shop, which is a store that specializes in Japanese baseball jerseys, caps, and cards. I purchased one of their Fukubukuro bags, which contain 40 random packs for $40. Out of the forty wax packs, thirty-two of them were different.

At first I was planning to pop them open... but I realized that I wouldn't really have any idea who was good and who was bad. So... I decided... what the heck... it'd probably be more fun to collect the unopened wax packs. After resisting the temptation to bust some wax... here's my collection:

I'm hoping to add to this collection soon, since I just ordered another bag. Unfortunately the shop is closing its doors on March 24th after being in business for eleven years. So I probably won't be able to secure many more in the future. My parents go back to Japan every other year, but they can't always find packs for me. And even when they do... it's only one or two packs.

As for the other 8 wax packs... I popped them open. My student is going to take the wrappers in make a wallet out of them for me. I wasn't able to recognize any of the players... but I figured I'd share my two favorite cards from the bunch:

Chiba Lotte Marines Mascot

Seibu Lions Cheerleaders

So what about you...

Do you have any unopened wax packs in your collection?

Besides these... I have a couple of 1983 Fleer baseball wax and cello boxes. I probably have a few more... but I can't remember what they are off the top of my head. It's been a long day... and I'm having a brain fart... guess it's time to get ready to hit the sack.

Have a happy Friday... Sayonara!


  1. I don't have the will power to keep unopened packs in my collection. If I have it I have to open it. To me, it's like digging up the treasure chest and leaving the contents forever a mystery.

  2. I don't have the resolve to have unopened packs lying around.

    I have looked for some Japanese cards online. The places that I have looked don't really have photos. I don't really know any Japanese players, but I would probably buy something based on the design of the cards.

  3. Wow! Japanese baseball has cheerleaders? That league is more advanced than I thought.

  4. I'd have to open them, just to see what cards were in there. Based on the pack design, I'd probably have bought the second and fifth rows, right hand packs. My neice likes monkeys, and I love the mascot cards.

  5. hiflew - that's a great comparison... didn't think of it that way.

    jeremy - i'll try to have another post on my other japanese cards... but if you want to see some different japanese baseball card designs you can check this site:


    the card investor - yeah... that was the hit from the packs indeed.

    dawgboes - i think my favorite pack was the giants one... hope i get a few more when my next order arrives.

  6. Very nice collection. Hurrah for cheerleader cards.

  7. Good stuff Fuji. I don't know if I would have every seen these cards other wise. Thanks for the post.

  8. Those are awesome. I went to South Korea a little over a year ago and looked everywhere for some Korean baseball cards only to find out that they actually stopped making them a few years ago, I believe over licensing issues.

  9. You see while I find Japanese baseball cards intriguing that would be the last thing I'd be looking for if I ever could afford a trip to Japan. I'd be on the hunt for vintage Japanese Transformers! (hence my avatar)

    Those are really cool though. Congrats on the start of your unopened pack collection.

  10. Hairylemon & Kev2380 - Thanks... Cheerleader cards rule... and thanks for supporting the blog.

    Spankee - Bummer... I wonder what other countries produce baseball cards.

    Colbey - Hard to argue with you on that... growing up in the 80's... I love the Transformers.

  11. Fuji,

    I'm going to need your address. I've got something that I'm sure would be GREAT for your collection.

  12. Joe from the D - what's your email address? i'll reply with my postal addy... you can email me at sanjosefuji@yahoo.com

  13. Almost a year later...
    What year is the first Nippon Ham Fighters pack? I noticed the second one is 2009. I doubt it's 2005 (Darvish RC).
    The 2004 Kintetsu Buffaloes is a nice pack. That's the last year the team was associated with Kintetsu (Train line company).
    All of your packs belong to team sets. Well, all except for the 2010 BBM Rookie Edition. That one is nice too.

  14. taka - I'm not 100% sure (don't have access to the packs, since they're at my parents house), but I think they're 2008. I could only dream of having a 2005 pack. I own a 2006 Yu Darvish though.

  15. Nice! I uploaded a 63-card Darvish lot if you're interested in seeing what other cards look like. It's in my Youtube channel.

  16. taka - i'll watch it tonight before i go to bed. looking forward to seeing him in the MLB