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Sunday, March 13, 2011

PC Spotlight #11: My Rusty Wallace PC

I'm not a Nascar fan. In fact... I've never watched a whole race... ever. I've watched video clips... I've watched endings... and I've watched driver celebrations... but I've never sat down and watched a race from start to finish.

Recently The Retro-Set Addict has been writing about his experiences with 2011 Press Pass Eclipse racing... and it reminded me of my very tiny Rusty Wallace personal collection.

I've been a fan of Rusty since I first saw him in this MGD commercial... back in the early 90's:

I was in college at the time thought this commercial was cool... so even though I never watched racing... I figured if I did... this is they guy I'd root for.

My first acquisition took place in the late 90's when I worked at a card shop to supplement the income of a beginning teacher. One day, we received a shipment of Nascar Kenner Starting Line-Ups and Wallace was part of the release. I immediately set one aside and added it to my collection.

I kept this bad boy in the original package until a few months ago, when I decided that it was never going to live up my investment expectations... so voila... I decided to free him.

After the SLU purchase, I picked up my first autograph of Mr. Wallace. I can't remember if I bought it off of Ebay or if it was a shop purchase... but either way... I'm sure I overpaid for this card since it was in the late 90's... and autographs were still pretty expensive.

1994 Traks Autograph

Since then... I've added a couple of other on-card autographs to my PC. This first one is my favorite, because of the card design.

1997 Fleer Ultra Update Autograph

2003 Press Pass Signings Autograph

One of these days I hope to pick up a memorabilia card and a rookie card of Rusty... but it's not high on the priority list... since I don't really follow racing. In fact I didn't even realize that Rusty's last race was in 2005. Maybe it's time I found another driver to support. Or better yet... maybe I should sit down and actually watch an entire race.

Do you watch Nascar?

If so... who's your favorite driver?

Happy Sunday everyone... sayonara!


  1. Don't watch on a regular basis anymore, but I root for David Reutimann now that Michael Waltrip has semi-retired.

  2. Awesome post. Just do yourself a favor and watch a race. Enjoy the science of the race. Take it all in.

    Believe me, I was as anti-NASCAR as they came. And now I'm hooked. It's legit.

  3. Hell yeah! Tony "Smoke" Stewart all the way!

  4. Enjoyed the read! My favorite driver was good ole DW. Never really picked one after he retired.