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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Domo Arigato: Charles @ Hoopography

Last week, Charles over at
Hoopography.com busted and reviewed a box of 2010/11 Playoff Contenders Basketball. When all was said and done... he graciously gave away everything he pulled in a contest he held last week.

Everything except... the Blazers cards he pulled... which he sent to The Retro-Set Addict. And all of the Lakers cards from the box... which he sent to me... along with a few other goodies.

Here's a little peek at what he sent over:

Pau Gasol was drafted by the Hawks? Lol... I seriously didn't know that. Well thanks to Charles... I do now. This sweet Place in History insert from the Contenders box is serial numbered 46/49. The next card is a One-Two Punch insert of Kobe & Pau, which went straight into my Kobe binder. The third card wasn't from the box break, but it's definitely one of my favorites in the bunch. It's a 1993/94 Finest rookie card of Nick Van Exel, which is the first one I've ever owned. Van Exel and Eddie Jones helped breach the gap between the Showtime Era and Shaq & Kobe... and I was huge fans of both during the 90's.

Charles also included a bunch of Lakers base cards from the mid 90's... up until the present. On the left are some sweet oversized cards from the 1995-96 Fleer Jam Session. My favorite out of the bunch is the only non-Laker card in the lot... it's a Tim Hardaway Pop-Ups insert card. At the top of the other picture, you can see the three base cards he pulled from Contenders box... along with some base cards from this year's Donruss set.

And finally... the hits from the box. I was stoked to receive this Pau Gasol Production Line jersey card. It looks great right next to the parallel version of this card that I picked up a couple of weeks ago. And I'm a huge fan of this year's Rookie Ticket Autographs, which feature a manufactured patch. Especially when it's a rookie autograph of Derrick Caracter... the Lakers' second round draft pick from last year's draft.

Thanks Charles... this care package was awesome and very much appreciated. Keep up the great blog... and I'll keep setting aside Bills & Knicks cards for you.

Everyone else... head over to Hoopography and you won't be disappointed. Goodnight y'all. Sayonara!


  1. I'm not sure what the deal is, but it seems that the US Mail has direct service from my place to yours. That was freaky fast shipment. Most items take 4-5 days across country, but I mailed that out on Thurs. Hope you like.

  2. Bro... loved the cards... all of them were PC additions. Really appreciated it... and damn... that is fast. We'll have to test out the speed from Cali to NY... so far I have 2 cards in your new stack.