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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty Marleau Day

Another year... another St. Patrick's Day... and another Patrick Marleau from my personal collection.

2007/08 Trilogy Scripted Swatches (12/50)

This year, I'm going with my scripted swatches autograph of St. Patty, because the serial number matches his jersey number... yep... it's an Ebay 1 of 1 (gosh... I hate that saying).

Patrick is having another solid season... and tonight he scored the game winning goal against the Wild in the third period. I'm so glad the Sharks were smart enough to hold onto Patty.

I hope everyone enjoyed a safe and happy St. Patrick's Day. I know I did. Can you believe it's already Friday? This week sure flew by. Sayonara!

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