30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jackie Robinson Day > Tax Day

2005 Upper Deck Mini Jersey Collection Replica Legends #JR

Every February, I teach a unit on the Civil Rights Movement to my eighth graders.

1956 Topps #30

And every February, I learn to appreciate everything that Jackie Robinson had to endure while breaking the color barrier in baseball.

1990's Apple Think Different Poster

And although I consider myself to be a positive role model, a hard worker, and a person who tries his best to be an "upstander"... if I were in his shoes, there's no way I could have persevered they way #42 did.

2010 Topps Chicle #235

Thank you Jackie!


  1. Fuji, are those little jersey items cards or what? Regular card size? Is that one seen from two sides or is it two different ones? Inquiring minds and all that...

    1. They're actually mini jerseys (made of felt?). Size wise... they're a little larger than a regular card and are two sided. That's one jersey scanned on the front and back. You received one jersey per pack, but this particular one is part of the legends series (which were inserted one per box). There are also autographed versions too.