30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, December 3, 2012

I keep telling you... SIZE doesn't matter!

Last week, I showed off some of my small cards.  This week, I'm going to show off my Little Man PC.

Confused?  Let me clarify.  My parents' genes blessed me with my 5'2" height, so I've always admired the "little man" in sports.  However, my collection didn't take shape until a few years ago after I watched Rudy with my class.

After waiting around for the right time and the right price, I eventually picked up this 16"x20" autographed Rudy Ruettiger photo from Steiner Sports:

From there... the collection slowly grew into this:

Rudy Ruettiger
Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Defensive End - 5'6"

Maurice Jones-Drew
Jacksonville Jaguars, Running Back - 5'7"

Barry Sanders
Detroit Lions, Running Back - 5'8"

Brian Gionta
New Jersey Devils, Right Wing - 5'7"

Darren Pang
Chicago Blackhawks, Goalie - 5'5"

Martin St. Louis
Tampa Bay Lightning, Right Winger - 5'8"

Eddie Gaedel
St. Louis Browns, Pinch Hitter - 3'7"

Kirby Puckett
Minnesota Twins, Centerfielder - 5'8"

Joe Morgan
San Francisco Giants, Second Basemen - 5'7"

Muggsy Bogues
Charlotte Hornets, Point Guard - 5'3"

Spud Webb
Atlanta Hawks, Point Guard - 5'6"

I'm looking forward to adding more autographs of famous athletes who didn't let their size keep them from achieving greatness.

That's where you come in...

Who else should should be included in my Little Man PC?

I'm setting the height limit at 5'8" and would prefer to collect athletes who have made a name for themselves.  Any ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. Jose Altuve (5'5") and Danny Herrera (listed as 5'6"...no way). Maybe not stars, but short guys that can play the game.

  2. Hall of Famer and Yankee broadcaster broadcaster Phil Rizzuto! He made famous the baseball scorebook notation 'WW' for 'Wasn't watching'.

  3. Vertically-challenged athletes? Hah! You came to the right place! (OK, OK, I came to you, just work with me here).

    Bobby Shantz (5'6") was the 1952 AL MVP and a 24-game winner with the Philadelphia Athletics.

    Dennis Maruk (5'7") scored 110 goals over two seasons with the Washington Capitals.

    Stubby Clapp (5'8") has one of the all-time great names.

  4. would have said Pedroia but he's 5'9

  5. Darren Sproles without a doubt.

  6. You should definitely add Theo Fleury. He played for the Flames, Rangers, Avalanche and Blackhawks. He's 5'6", but man could he deliver a hit!

  7. "Mighty" Mack Herron 5 Foot 5 1/2 inches,only played 4 seasons in the NFL,but in 1974 set the record for most multipurpose yardage (rushing yards,recieving yards,punt/kick return yards).His lone card is 1975 Topps #381

  8. Ray Rice best all around back in the NFL and is def vertically challenged! @ 5-8 212 lbs is a tank and hard to bring down. ask the Chargers 4th and 29 play of the year!

  9. Awesome list... I'm all over this. I'll try to add a few of these guys on my next COMC run. I've already tracked down a Fleury... that guy killed my Sharks. And Sproles and Rice were already on my wantlist.

    Thanks for the suggestions!