30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 Cards of 12 Athletes Who Donned #12

According to the Mayans, this will be my last blog post as we have finally reached the 12th day of the 12th month in the year of 2012.  Or is it the 21st day?  Either way... today's a special occasion, because it's the only time I'll have the opportunity to celebrate 12/12/12.

So I figured, I'd show off 12 cards featuring 12 athletes who have donned the #12 on their jersey at some point in their career.  

And since every minute we have left is precious... let's get to it:

Aaron Rodgers
2009 National Chicle "Cabinet Artist Signatures" #NCSS20

Patrick Marleau
2011 Panini "Private Signings" #PM

Andrew Luck
2012 Sports Illustrated for Kids #185

Lynn Dickey
1997 UD Legends #AL100

Roberto Alomar
1988 Score Traded #105T

Joe Namath

1994 Kenner SLU "Kenner Club" #NNO

Dwight Howard
08/09 Bowman 48 "Printing Plate-Yellow"#48DH

Tom Brady
2008 UD Masterpieces "Captured on Canvas" #CC1

Wade Boggs
1996 Sportflix "Hit Parade" #14

Terry Bradshaw
1999 Topps Stars "Rookie Reprints" #2

John Stockton
08/09 Topps Signature #TSAJS

Bob Griese
1970 Topps #10

So what about you...

Who are some of your favorite athletes to proudly wear #12 on their backs?

Happy 12/12/12 and sayonara!


  1. Morten Gamst Pederson - Blackburn Rovers
    Tom Brady

  2. Roberto Alomar. He's actually back in Toronto today getting married on 12/12/12.



    Jim Kelly's another fave of mine from the #12 wearers, but for a reason beyond my love of the Bills. He's part of my binder of guys who I share a birthday with.

    1. That's pretty cool to hear Alomar chose that date. I looked everywhere for my 1987 Topps Jim Kelly, but couldn't find it :-(

  3. dusty baker! also, tommy davis and even jeff kent.

  4. Being a hardcore Cowboys fan gotta go with Roger Staubach

    1. I have an insert of his... but the 1970 Griese barely beat him out.