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Thursday, May 17, 2012

A "Killer" New Product...

Are you a fan of Wacky Packages? Do you like eating cereal and watching horror films? If so, sit back and feast your eyes Joe Simko's latest project.

Simko, who is a freelance artist out of New York is primarily known for his Garbage Pail Kids and Wacky Packages artwork. But last year, he released a trading card set that parodies famous horror films and popular cereal brands called Cereal Killers.

Two months ago, his company Wax Eye released the 1st series of Cereal Killers sticker cards, which parallels last year's product. I fell in love with the product the first time I laid eyes on it and decided to buy an eight box case.

Last week, I busted seven boxes and built several of the 55 card sticker sets.

Here's a look at my five favorite stickers:

The sticker set looks amazing and covers every horror film and cereal product imaginable. Similar to the GPK products, some of the card backs contain puzzle pieces. There are three puzzles you can build in this first series of stickers:

An if that weren't enough, there are three different insert sets to chase:

Silver Spoon Foil Cards (2 per box)

I'm missing card #7 for my set. If anyone out there has an extra for trade, please contact me. I have a couple of doubles and would love to finish this cool looking foil set.

Poster (1 per box)

Gross-ery Aisle Tryptic Magnet Set (1:2 boxes)

According to the website, there were 2,000 hobby boxes produced and half of them contained one of these magnets. I'm glad I was able to complete a set from the boxes I opened.

Joe Simko Sketch Cards (1:2 boxes)

If you've followed my blog long enough, then you probably know I'm a huge fan of sketch cards. And these were without a doubt the main reason I picked up a case of this stuff. I wasn't lucky enough to pull a colored sketch card, but I'm not the least bit disappointed with what I pulled. Simko put an amazing amount of effort and detail into each of these cards. All four of them will be added to my sketch card collection.

The fourth and final sketch card was pulled in my 7th box. So if the stated odds are correct, then the final box will contain another magnet insert. And since I completed the magnet set, there wasn't any need to bust the last box.

I'm planning on taking it to the flea market next month to see if they'll sell. Hopefully I'll be able to recoup some of the money I dropped on this case. If not, I'll be giving some of the packs away in my annual contest that will begin next month. At the very minimum, I'll be giving away a complete 55 card set.

By the way, for those who are interested... I've read online that a second series of trading cards might be released this summer. If so, I'll definitely be in line to pick some up.

Happy Thursday everyone... and sayonara!


  1. That's cool that you pulled a few sketch cards. They look nice.

    1. Thanks Jeremy. The B&W ones don't command anywhere near the prices of colored ones. But I'm definitely happy with the ones I pulled.

  2. Definitely AWESOME! Love the detail and attention in the sketch cards...even if they're black and white. Some of the Star Wars sketch cards look like I'd do a better job...and I can't draw! Unless you count stick figures, if so, then I'm a freakin' Picasso :)
    "The Silence of the Grahams" is my personal favorite.

    1. Yeah... Simko did a great job. I have a few SW sketch cards too and the artists didn't put the same effort as Simko did.

      I'm a huge fan of that sticker too. That movie is one of my personal favorites.