30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Blog Trade #24: All Tribe Baseball

Last week, a simple comment left on a blog caused sort of a domino effect that resulted in two collectors smiling. Here's how it unfolded...

Step 1: I left a comment on one of It's like having my own Card Shop's posts.

Step 2: Baseball Dad over at All Tribe Baseball read the comment and emailed me. He generously offers to send me some oversized goodies for free.

Step 3: Nothing in life is free. So, I tell him I'll ship out some Cleveland Indians oddballs as compensation... and voila... a blind trade is created.

Step 4: Two content cardboard collectors. Click here if you want to see what I shipped.

And here's what he sent me:

A trio of 2003 Donruss Estrellas Posters...

5" x 7" Posters

Their matching cardboard counterparts...

And an unopened pack of 2003 Donruss Estrellas...

Well... it's not unopened anymore. Each pack contains 5 cards and a poster. And I just had to see which poster remained hidden in the pack. Here's what I pulled:

Albert Pujols! I'm definitely happy with this poster. He's starting to find his groove in LA... going 6 for 12 with 3 home runs in his last 3 games.

And if you're curious... here's the rest of the pack:

Francisco Rodriguez Insert

3 Former Yankees, a current Yankee, & a Carlos Lee

Thanks Baseball Dad for the very successful blind trade. I look forward to future transactions. Have a safe holiday weekend... and sayonara!


  1. Glad you liked the posters !

    It's funny how things happen like that sometimes. And it was lot of fun!

    As part of our anniversary celebration, my wife and I hit 11 different Good Will stores in 3 days ! I'll have a post soon to show the loot !

    1. Happy anniversary! Looking forward to seeing that post. None of the Good Will stores in my area ever have cards :-(