30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Grab Bags from across the Pacific!

I've been collecting Japanese baseball cards and unopened Japanese wax packs for a couple of years now. But after the Yakyu Shop closed its doors a year ago, I lost my key supplier and figured there wouldn't be any new additions to that particular PC.

I was wrong!

A couple of months ago, I met TakaTanakaGiants on SCF. He lives in Japan and generously sent me & my students a nice care package of Japanese trading cards. Since then, we've become friends and he's offered to help me out by buying wax packs and grab bags for me at the local card show in Japan.

So in early April, I sent him ¥4,000 ($50.68) and here's what he picked up for me:

1000 Yen Grab Bag (4 Wax Packs & An Insert)

Four 2011 BBM Packs: Fighters, Tigers, Carp, & Dragons

2001 Nigel Wilson Lenticular Insert

500 Yen Grab Bag (x3) (3 Wax Packs & An Insert)

Grab Bag #1
Three BBM Packs: 2012 Historic Collection, 2011 Eagles, & 2011 Giants

Yohei Kaneko RC (#'d 067/200)

Grab Bag #2
Three BBM Packs: 2011 Historic Collection, 2011 Dragons, & 2012 Marines

2002 Michihiro Ogasawara Insert

Grab Bag #3

Three BBM Packs: 2011 Carp, 2012 Rookie Ed., 2012 Marines

Takayuki Kishi Parallel (#'d 32/60)

BBM Wax Packs (x2)

2011 & 2012 1st Version Packs

Kenji Johjima Acetate Japanese Insert

Japanese Final Fantasy Trading Cards

I'm very excited to add eleven new packs to my Japanese Wax Pack Collection. Plus I was able to add some cool inserts to my binder.

Domo arigato TakaTanakaGiants! I appreciate you going out of the way to help me with my project. If any of you are interested in collecting Japanese baseball cards, I encourage you to check out his YouTube videos. He has some of the best and unique pack breaks on You Tube and one of the most insane 2012 Topps Tribute collections out there.

I hope all of you are enjoying your holiday weekend. Stay safe and sayonara!


  1. It's always fun to add to a unique collection like you've got. Congrats!

  2. very cool cards. i dig the autos. GO TIGERS !!

  3. WOW! Those are some REALLY nice grab bags. I didn't know they were that loaded. Excellent Nippon Ham Fighters pack as well as the 2 Historic Collection.
    The Kishi (Seibu Lions) #/60 facsimile auto is SWEET! Hit of the box. He's having a breakout year so far. His ERA is sitting at 1.82. Not too shabby for a starter! He's 27 years old and this is his 6th year.
    In his most recent start, he went up against the Giants (Tokyo variety) and this was his stat line:
    8 innings, 3 hits, 1 HR allowed, 2 earned runs, 10 Ks. Good enough for the win.
    His career average is in the 3.50 range. Hopefully, he can keep it going.

  4. My jaw dropped while looking at this loot. I will need to get some cards like those.