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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly #9: Ryan Leaf

I'm not perfect. Nobody is. But I was raised to be a man of character and to always try my best. Growing up, my father constantly reminded me that my actions reflect how he & my mother raised me and that I represent the Fujimoto name.

And while some ask themselves, "what would Jesus do?". I usually ask myself, "what would my father do?".

Today, Ryan Leaf's family is celebrating his 36th birthday. And from time to time, I wonder where I'd stand with my parents if I made the same mistakes of others. Let's look at Mr. Leaf.

The Good: In 1992, he led his high school football team to a state title. Five years later, while at Washington State University, he was named 1st Team All-American by The Sporting News and was third in Heisman Trophy voting. The San Diego Chargers were so impressed with his game, they selected him with the second overall pick in the 1998 NFL Draft.

The Bad: Unfortunately, he often considered one of the biggest draft busts in the history of professional sports. During his three year career, he started 21 games and won 4 of them. He threw 36 interceptions, only 14 touchdown passes, and had a 50.0 QB Rating. That's pretty bad!

The Ugly: A few years ago, Mr. Leaf became the QB coach at West Texas A&M, but resigned when he was accused of burglarizing one of his player's homes. Last Tuesday, he pleaded guilty to breaking into a home and illegally possessing painkillers. Two other counts of burglary and drug possession were dropped.

Now, let me repeat myself. I'm not perfect. But Mr. Leaf... what were you thinking? Don't you want your parents to be proud of you?

It's way too late to save your football career or the values of your football cards. See the PSA 9 Bowman Chrome rookie card I picked up in your honor? There was a time, when it was considered a collectible. These days, it's nothing more than a scratched up, beverage coaster.

But the bright side is that you're still young and have time to turn things around. Utilize the nine months in the rehab facility and clean yourself up. You still have time to represent the Leaf name in a positive light.

Happy Birthday Mr. Leaf!

Have a good week everyone... and sayonara!

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