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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sayonara Salute #12: Fred Taylor

Yesterday, Fred Taylor signed a one day contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars in order to retire with the team that drafted him back in 1998.

Although Taylor only played all sixteen games twice in his thirteen year career, he was able to post up very respectable stats:

Yards From Scrimmage: 14,079 yards (14th all-time)
Rushing Yards: 11,695 yards (15th all-time)
Rushing Attempts: 2,534 rushing attempts (21st all-time)
Rushing TD's: 66 TD's (32nd all-time)
Yards Per Game: 76.4 YPG (21st all-time)
Rushing/Receiving TD's: 74TD's (63rd all-time)

He spent eleven of the his thirteen seasons in Jacksonville and is the all-time leader in the following categories:

Most Games Played (by RB): 140
Rushing Yards: 11,271 yards
Rushing TD's: 62 TD's
Longest Run: 80 yards
Rushing Yards Per Game: 80.5 yards per game
Points (by non-kicker): 424 points scored

In addition to those records, he ranks in the top 5 of these Jaguar records:

Most Games Played: 140 games played (3rd all-time)
Receptions: 286 receptions (3rd all-time)
Points: 424 points scored (3rd all-time)
Receiving Yards: 2,361 receiving yards (4th all-time)
Longest Reception: 78 yards (4th all-time)

I'm neither a Jaguars fan, nor am I a Patriots fan (played 13 games with them in 2009 & 2010)... I wouldn't even say that I'm a Fred Taylor fan... but I'm writing this post because there was a short period in my life when I collected him.

In 1998, Fred Taylor had an amazing rookie season and at the time I was just starting to collect cards again. So after he racked up 1,223 rushing yards (#1 among rookie running backs) and 14 rushing touchdowns (2nd in the NFL), I was trying to pick up as many of his rookie cards as possible.

I liked him so much, that when I sold off my collection in 2001... I kept all of the rookie cards I bought and still have them today. If you're curious... I have 69 in all.

Today they're worth probably a tenth of what I paid for them... but it is what it is... they're a part of my collecting history and another friendly reminder to never collect pieces of cardboard with the purpose of making money.

Sayonara Mr. Taylor... it must be nice to be four years younger than me, already retired, and I'll assume financially comfortable.

I hope all you enjoy your holiday weekend. Stay safe and sayonara to you as well.

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