30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cheap Cool Cards #19: Paul Konerko Auto & GU

Right now is the perfect time to collect cards. The market is so saturated with autographs and memorabilia cards that you can build a pretty nice collection even if you're on a tight budget.

I recently put together two-thirds of a Paul Konerko sports card trifecta for $2.75. If you follow baseball, then you've heard of Konerko. He's a fifteen year veteran, who has been an MLB all-star five times. Here's just a peek at some of his career accomplishments:

1994 First Round Draft Pick (13th - LA Dodgers)
1997 Baseball America Minor League Player of the Year Award
2004 Sporting News Comeback Player of the Year Award
2005 A.L.C.S. MVP Award
2005 World Series Champion
396 Home Runs (MLB Career)
.282 Batting Average (MLB Career)
9 Grand Slams (MLB Career)

Are you these Cooperstown worthy statistics? Probably not. But his career isn't over yet. He's still the captain of the White Sox, who's wrapping up another solid season at the plate. And best of all.. he's affordable.

Which athletes do you consider to be underrated & affordable?

Happy Tuesday everyone. Enjoy the rest of your week. Sayonara!


  1. I find it to be Hakim Warrick, he also happens to be my PC.

  2. Matt Cain (and Lincecum, but he's not underrated) just doesn't get the run support to really stand out. Neither does Pablo Sandoval, really. Their autographs and game used cards seem to go for about the minimum outside of SF. Plus, I can't ignore Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw, but they seem to be getting more respect now that the season's almost over and they're at the top of the leader boards.

  3. Aramis Ramirez is at worst going to be in the same class of borderline HoF as Ron Santo at 3B, probably even a notch or two above (400 homers is well within reach) and his cards are as common as it gets, value-wise. Also Jered Weaver gets little-to-no-love either. Probably due to playing on the west coast, and maybe a pinch of leftover JEFF Weaver hatred from any fans of teams he played for. But he's one of the 5 best pitchers in the American league, period.