30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Birthday PC Additions: Orie, Schobel, & Portis

Happy Birthday Kevin Orie...

Orie played five seasons in the MLB with the Chicago Cubs and Florida Marlins. His best season was in 1997 when he hit .275, 100 hits, and 8 HR's, which was good enough to earn 11th place in NL ROY voting.

Happy Birthday Aaron Schobel...

Schobel is a two-time Pro Bowler, who played defensive end for the Buffalo Bills from 2002 to 2009. He has 78 career sacks, 14 of which came in 2006... the best season of his career.

Happy Birthday Clinton Portis...

Portis is currently an unsigned free agent, who has nine years of NFL experience under his belt, between two teams: the Denver Broncos & the Washington Redskins. He has rushed for nearly 10,000 yards (9,923 to be exact) and has score 80 touchdowns (75 rushing & 5 receiving) in his career. He was the 2002 NFL OROY and has been selected to two Pro Bowl rosters. Although he's never led the league in rushing, he has rushed for 1,500 yards or more three times and has broken the 1,000 yard mark six times.

He reportedly worked out with the Seattle Seahawks yesterday, but from what I've read it doesn't look like the Hawks will be signing him.

Well there you have it... three more additions to my Birthday PC. I now have autographs of eleven players born on September 1st. There are a few other players I've set my sights on... but I'm not in any rush... since I have 364 more days to pick them up.

What athletes do you share your birthday with?

One day left... until a nice three day weekend. Enjoy your Friday everyone... and sayonara!


  1. Dennis Eckersley, Phil Simms, Thiago Alves, Anquan Boldin, Fred Couples.

    Alves and Boldin are meh, but Simms, Eck, and Freddie Couples are awesome.

  2. Mine will be up on Monday Mark!

  3. Robin Ventura, Jose Hernandez, Tim Hudson, Derrick May, Pepe Frias, Steve Stone, and Bill McCool are some baseball guys with 7/14 birthdays.

    Punter Josh Miller has the most games played of any football player. David Macklin, Jerry Porter, Todd Rucci, Darelle Revis, Mike Pucillo, Michael Jameson, Joe Aska, Rolando McClain, and Gunnard Twyner are other names I recognize, with Revis obviously being top dog.

    The NBA has just a few - Erick Dampier leads the list of games played, Renaldo Blackman is there too, and Wah Wah Jones makes me laugh.

    And to hockey...holy crap, LUBOS BARTECKO WAS BORN ON MY BIRTHDAY! Never knew that and just grabbed a jersey auto of his...so cool. Mike McPhee leads the games played list there but Bartecko is the only guy I really know from the list.

  4. One more day and I would've shared my birthday with Larry Bird, I still have a hall of famer in Otto Graham. Former WR Darrell Jackson shares my bday too (December 6th)