30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, September 12, 2011

Domo Arigato: Martyn @ Arbitrary Crap

Last week, I received a padded envelope from a guy I've never met in person, because he lives over 3,500 miles away... but that doesn't keep me from saying that I consider Martyn a friend.

Some of you may know him from his blog Arbitrary Crap... while others might remember his old blog Steal Second. He's also a member of the Sports Card Radio Fan Forum, so you may have seen him around there too. And finally... he's one of my Facebook friends too. We've supported each other's blogs for what seems like years now... and even co-authored a blog called Sports Jambalaya with a bunch of other guys at one point. However it's been almost a year since anyone has posted anything over there.

Okay... back to the nature at hand. Martyn contacted me a while back to see if I had a Tony Gwynn card that he set aside for me. It's a 1998 SPx "Radiance" of my favorite baseball player and after checking my binder... I told him I could use it.

So when I saw an envelope from the United Kingdom... I figured it was the Gwynn. What I didn't expect were the other bonuses he threw in.

2011 Topps "60 Years of Topps" #33 Tony Gwynn

It's a reprint of his 1984 Topps card and it's awesome. Since I don't bust a lot of new product... it's another new addition to my Gwynn PC.

2011 Topps "CMG Reprint" #14 Jackie Robinson

Martyn is 3 for 3 now... as I add this card to my Robinson PC. Since I'll never be able to afford a 1949 Leaf Jackie... this is easily the next best thing.

2010 Topps Chrome "Wrapper Redemption Refractor" #224 Jackie Robinson

This is the only card I already have... but I'm okay with having a double... since I'm considering building this set. I have the Mantle and the Gehrig... and a lot of the singles sell for less than a buck on COMC. The only problem is I have too many projects I'm already dealing with. We'll just have to wait and see.

And the last card in the package was this 2010 Rookies & Stars card of Lee Evans.

It took me about a few days before I figured out why he included this. At first I thought he confused me with Charles from Hoopography who collects Buffalo Bills cards. Maybe it was a filler card thrown in for protection? Then it hit me. I remembered that I needed a Lee Evans for the Rookies & Stars set I was building.

So thanks a million Martyn. Three new additions to my Robinson and Gwynn PCs... one card for my 2010 Chrome "Wrapper Redemption Refractor" set... and the one card I needed to finish my 2010 R&S's football set. I really appreciate these cards and your friendship. See you around the blogworld, Facebook, or on SCR forum.

Today's question of the day:

What's the farthest you've ever shipped a piece of cardboard? Was it a sale, trade, or gift?

Happy Monday everyone and sayonara!


  1. I've sent cards to England, Ireland, Scotland, Kazakstan, Russia, Japan, Australia, Poland, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Ukraine, USA, and of course, Canada.

    They were all either swaps or gifts.

  2. Australia, to RGB. I hate filling out the international shipping papers, but whatever, it's worth it! haha

  3. Australia's the farthest. With Westgate-on-Sea No. 2.

  4. Australia and Japan. And of course all of my trading buddies in the USA.

  5. I guess it would be New York or Florida in a number of trades (I'm terrible with distance and geography and such). But that doesn't sound cool enough. So let's just say Alaska, even though it's not technically correct.

  6. I've sent all kinds of stuff - cards, other souvenirs, electronics, etc - all over the globe. I think Australia is the farthest cards can go, and I've done that selling through eBay and recently in a trade to RGB. I've also sold and bought from China and Japan, and plenty of European countries. I don't think I've sent anything to Africa or South America, though I might have sent something to the Middle East once.

  7. Australia, as a gift but most things I send out are international! Glad you needed the cards, and sorry to photo card was late!