30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Eight down... Nine to go! Anyone building a 1984 Topps baseball set, too?

I received an awesome package in the mail today from Mzentko (who I met over at Sports Card Radio). It's the second care package I've received from him in a little under two months. Click here to see what he sent me the first time.

Today's package contained the following goodies...

First up... eight cards... five PC's... and one "not quite sure". I'm pretty sure all of these cards are new to my collection... and I'm especially fond of the Collect-A-Books Tony Gwynn. I remember buying the basketball versions years ago and it's nice to finally add the Gwynn. I'm not quite sure what the Trivial Pursuit card represents... but I learned that Kentucky hosts an annual pipe smoking contest in Logan County.

He also included this 1983 Donruss HOF Heroes card of Jackie Robinson. I never completed this set, but I must of picked up a few packs as a child... because I remember having Mickey Mantle and Hank Aaron as a kid. This is an excellent addition to my Jackie Robinson PC... plus an inspiration to pick up either a box of this stuff or a hand collated set on eBay.

Last... but not least... he sent these eight 1984 Topps baseball cards that I needed for my set. Which leaves me with these nine cards until my set is complete:

123, 271, 300 (Pete Rose), 450, 521, 632, 710, 725, 748
(just picked up all of these off of Sport Lots)

So today's question is...

Is anyone else out there building this set?

If so... I have a ton of singles from my rack pack box break. Maybe we can help each other out.

And if not...

What sets are you working on? Are there any that are proving to be more difficult than others?

I might as well kill two birds with one stone and list out the rest of my current set needs:

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces "Captured on Canvas" Football Set:
8 Chad Johnson, 11 Brett Favre, 12 Tony Romo, 19 Devin Hester, 30 Greg Olson, 32 Jay Cutler, 49 Matt Forte, 51 Matt Ryan, 53 Jake Long, 58 Steve Slaton, and 59 Steven Jackson

2008 Score Select Football Set:
231, 264, 275, 307, 328 (just picked up all 5 off of Sport Lots)

2002 Fleer Fall Classic "HOF Plaque" Baseball Set:
1 Babe Ruth, 2 Christy Mathewson, 6 Cy Young, 7 Tris Speaker, 16 Luis Aparicio, 18 Willie McCovey, 19 Willie Stargell, 25 Steve Carlton, 26 George Brett, 27 Nolan Ryan, 28 Robin Yount, 29 Kirby Puckett, and 30 Ozzie Smith

2000 Fleer "Club 3000" Baseball Set:
DW Dave Winfield

1998 Playoff Momentum"Endzone X-Press Diecut" Football Set:
16 Drew Bledsoe & 20 Napoleon Kaufman

2008 Inkworks Family Guy: A New Hope "Spaceships & Transports" Set:
ST-2 Tie Fighter
ST-3 X-Wing Fighter

2008 Inkworks Family Guy: A New Hope "Scenes From Space" Set:
S-3 Scenes From Space Card #3

I know the sets I'm building are kind of random... but that's how I've been my whole life... a little random. Please let me know if you have anything from these lists, because I'd be more than willing to trade or possibly buy if the price is right.

Thanks again Mzentko for the nice care package... I be looking for some Cardinals & Redskins to send your way.

I hope everyone had a great Saturday... enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day weekend. Sayonara!


  1. Swing and a miss on your '84s and other stuff, but I've got a trade list (an out-of-date one, but a trade list nonetheless):


    My '84 Topps needs are as follows, and on the sidebar of my site if you misplace this: 60, 89, 100, 140, 150-151, 179, 280, 298, 391, 401, 471, 484, 528, 560, 563-564, 591, 594, 596, 610, 633, 645, 668, 684, 707, 747, 759, 763, 781, 787, 789

    My want list (funny, the trade list is nuked but the want list is mostly up-to-date) is here, too:


    I've got a summarized version of this on my sidebar as well, as the long-form list tends to make people nutty.

    And, finally, my email is: scottcrawfordoncards@gmail.com

    Let's make a deal, Fuji!

    P.S. Nice grab on the Jackie Robinson! It's not the '56 of course, but it's still purty.

  2. SPortlots.com has all of those cards, except stars for .18-.40 each.

  3. scott crawford - i found several 84 Topps... i'll shoot you an email later on this afternoon.

    stusigpi - i took your advice and finished my 84 topps set and my 2008 score select set for less than $5 shipped. thanks!

  4. 2007 Turkey Red. I've almost given up hope.

  5. (...Joe) - Love Turkey Red... just like most of the retro sets. Best of luck... unfortunately, I don't have any singles from that set.