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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Today I will find out if I truly am a jedi...

"Setoguchi, you can destroy the Red Wings. Fuji has foreseen this. It is your destiny. Join Thornton, Marleau, and Niemi, and together you all can rule the NHL as skaters and goalies."

It's funny how much things can change in just eight days. Last Wednesday, Devin Setoguchi score the overtime goal to lift the Sharks to a 3 to 0 lead in the series. I made the mistake of stating that they had given me an opportunity to breathe a sigh of relief... well the relief has disappeared... along with the silly, little grin.

The Red Wings... the team I dread the most... the New York Yankees of the NHL... has clawed it's way back to tie the series. If you're a Red Wings fan, I give your team props... they've worked hard the whole series... even in the first three games the Sharks won... and especially in the last three games you've taken.

I've heard a lot of different views on the Sharks... some will say they haven't played well. Others are saying they're playing good... but the Wings are just better.

Personally... I think both teams have played well. However, I think Detroit has played with more passion and it's gotten into the heads of some of the Sharks.

Well tonight... if the Sharks want to have any hope of winning this game and continue their journey towards the Stanley Cup Finals, then they have to put all three losses in the past and look at this as a one game playoff. Winner moves on... loser goes home.

Right now... Detroit has the momentum and are road teams actually have a winning record in the playoffs this year, so logic has to favor the Wings. BUT, my heart says that the Sharks are going to pull it off tonight in a very close game... possibly an overtime win.

This season nothing has come easy for the Sharks. They started off slow and had to fight their way back to the #2 seed playing in the very tough Pacific Division. Then the Los Angeles Kings made them earn every win in the six game Western Conference Quarter Finals. Now... they're forced to take on one of their biggest rivals... in Game 7 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals. Like Darth Vader... I believe IT IS THEIR DESTINY. It's just another step on this fairy tale journey.

And in less than 12 hours... we'll see if my instincts are correct and whether or not the force is strong with me.
Go Sharks!


  1. What a game, and what a series. I'll be rooting for your Sharks this postseason. Though Vancouver look like they really really want it too. Going to be a great finish coming up.

  2. Hey G... the Red Wings/Sharks series was the best series I've ever seen. Every game could have gone either way...six games decided by 1 goal... and the only 2 goal difference game (game 6) was really a 2-1 win... with the third goal being an empty net goal.

    Vancouver is no doubt the best team in the league... but as a Sharks fan, I wouldn't want it any other way. First the Sharks had to take on a Pacific Division rival in the Kings... then their biggest playoff rival & nemesis... Detroit Red Wings... and finally the creme of the crop. The Canucks.

    In the past... it often was too easy for the Sharks. This year they've had to earn every win in the playoffs and I'm hoping this has made them mentally stronger than the competition.

    We'll have to sit back and see... but the "force" tells me that the Sharks will win this in 6. And by no means am I trying to come of as being cocky or arrogant. Vancouver is the superior team... I just believe that this is the Sharks' year to win it all.