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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Greatest Card in my Collection

I was informed by several students yesterday, that the world was coming to an end today at 6 p.m. this evening... so what did I do?

I rushed out to the San Francisco TriStar Collectors Show and bought the card of my dreams. It's not the most valuable card in my collection. Nor is it the most I've paid for a single. It's not even close to being the rarest. And although it's definitely vintage... it's not the oldest card I own.

At some point in my life I strolled across the 1956 Topps #30 Jackie Robinson and immediately knew I wanted it for my collection. It's truly the most beautiful card in the world... a piece of art. The 1956 card design is a classic as it features a portrait shot of the athlete, along with an action shot. But what makes this card even more special is the fact that it's Jackie Robinson.

As a huge sports fan, it's easy to admire Mr. Robinson for everything he did for the game of baseball. However, Jack Roosevelt Robinson is much more to me than the HOF second baseman for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

"A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives."

As a teacher, I try to be positive role model for my students and encourage them to be a positive member of our society. And every year, I use Jackie Robinson as an example of someone who has done just that. When my students enter my classroom, they see this quote by Mr. Robinson hanging on my front wall.

I've been collecting Jackie Robinson cards for over a year now. Click here... if you want check out the rest of my collection. Unfortunately... no card will ever top the card I picked up today. But... I guess that's the price I paid when I finally added the greatest card in the world to my personal collection.

If we live through the night, I'll post the details on the rest of my purchases at the card show either tomorrow or Monday. In the meantime, let's hear from you:

What is your favorite trading card? Why is it special?

Happy Saturday everyone... and Sayonara!


night owl said...

The rest of your card purchases? If I bought a '56 Robinson, that'd be it for the day for me.

Great card. I'll get one someday.

Chris P said...

WOW, I'm in awe, love this card, great pickup Fuji!

moremonkeys138 said...

You have a fantastic Robinson collection. I have a bunch too, the most significant being the 1954 Topps, which totally pales in comparison to the '56.

As far as a favorite goes, its hard to pick. Do I pick the 1954 Hank Aaron because its 'worth' the most? Or the T206 Christy Mathewson because its my oldest card with a high value? Or do I pick that 1987 Topps Jimmy Key because it was my favorite growing up? Too hard to pick I guess, maybe its something I don't even own yet. Hmm...I'll have to really think this one over.

Greg Zakwin said...

Absolutely beautiful.


Martyn said...

Yet another great post!

if you resend me your address Mark I'll send you a Jackie Robinson card I have /50.

It's not that old but it's nice

Scott Crawford said...

You are a very lucky man, Fuji. Gorgeous card, one that'll probably be at the top of my all-time want list for a good while longer. Congrats!

Fuji said...

night owl - the card was only $65... and actually a lot more affordable than I though. a guy had one for $35 too... but it was pretty beat up. i figure the extra $30 was worth it.

chris p, greg zakwin, and scott crawford- thanks... it's been at the top of my wantlist for awhile now.

moremonkeys138 - the 1954 card is nice too... but it's a lot more expensive. i'm just grateful to have the 56 in my collection... maybe if i hit the lottery, i'll pick up a 54 as well. and the 54 aaron? that's sweet that you own one... for me... only in my dreams.

martyn - thanks bro... i'll graciously accept and email you later

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful card.

As for my favorite, I think I would say my '89 UD Griffey rookie. As you said about the Robinson, it's not my most valuable and it's not the most rare..but it's such an iconic card. When I think of modern baseball card collecting, I think of that card.

Fuji said...

buckeyestatecards - Great call... the 89 UD Griffey is definitely iconic and one of the first cards that come to mind when I think of sports cards. I'm not sure if it's in my top 5... but it definitely would be in my top 20.

Twitch said...

Sweet card, sir! That's definitely the vintage Jackie I'll pursue if I ever get the chance.

My greatest card is definitely my Walter Payton rookie card. I never thought I'd have the chance to own it, even if I ever became rich and famous (which obviously hasn't happened yet, lol). It's not in the greatest condition, but I got it through trading with a fellow blogger, who apparently had it since he was a kid. So there's the blogging connection, which is cool because blogging and our little community here have become important parts of my life.

There's also a vague, almost empathic sense of nostalgia that comes with it as well. A sense of a time before I was born, tangible enough to know it's there, but not enough to be able to fully grasp. So yeah, it's a great card, haha.

Fuji said...

Lonestarr- the Walter Payton rookie card is definitely high up there on my wantlist... but much like a 54 Aaron... will never be in my collection due to the value they hold. Congratulations on being able to pick one up in the blogworld... that's pretty cool.