30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, August 1, 2022

Feeling Pretty Good

Fernando Tatis Jr. says he's feeling pretty good... which hopefully means his return is just around the corner.  Not trying to jinx it or anything, but I wanted to share some cards of his that I added to my collection over the summer.

First up is this manufactured relic that Chris The Collector sent to me back in June:

2022 Topps Jersey Number Medallion #JNM-FT

Although I'm not a fan of these taking the place of actual "hits", I think some of them are pretty cool.  This is one of them.  I like the simplicity of the design and if I had more room in my office... it would make a nice display piece.

Chris also tossed in these two blue Padres parallels:

Next up is a six pack of Tatis that was included in Woody's care package:

I met Woody back when I was still hanging out on the forums looking for trades.  He's sent thousands of cards for my collection over the years and has even donated cards to my students as well.

All six of these Tatis cards were brand new to my collection.  That's not surprising though, since I don't open up new product very often.

The final round of Tatis cards were sent to me by Reader X.  Like Woody, he's sent me and my students thousands of cards over the past few years.

I'll start off with this thick, high-end card:

2022 Topps Tribute #11

Wow.  This card is gorgeous.  And it's thick enough to do some damage if you wanted to use it as a weapon.  Boxes of 2022 Tribute run around $500... so this product is a little out of my budget.  That's why I'm lucky to be the recipient of this copy.

Xavier tossed in a few other Tatis cards as well:

And this four pack of 2015 Topps Gold parallels:

Thank you Chris, Woody, and Xavier for these Tatis collection contributions.  Normally the Monday I head back into my classroom at the end of summer is a bummer.  But I gotta admit... these cards have me feeling pretty good.

Happy Monday and sayonara!


Dennis said...

I'm happy to root for a team like the Pads that has a former Wolverine like Cronenworth, so good luck to your Friars and good health to your stars like Tatis Jr.!

RR said...

All of the Tatis cards are great, but I always liked the Donruss diamond king cards. Topps is still Tops to me and do you know how many times I have written the word Tops in a sentence saying doesn't Tops have two letter "P's?? Good Luck Friars!!!

John Sharp said...

Hope the Cron Zone gets hot again. Go Blue!

Johnnys Trading Spot said...

Tatis who? JK, wishing him well.

Chris said...

Glad you like the number manupatch. Some great cards here, especially that Tribute base.

The Lost Collector said...

Will be good to see him back. I definitely set his cards aside when I get them given his talent. Hopefully he can stay on the field.

Jafronius said...

Juan Soto in a Padres uni should also make you feel pretty good!

SumoMenkoMan said...

Let’s go Padres! Maybe Soto can help kick them into afterburner!