30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, May 31, 2014

I've Got Writer's Block

And it doesn't help that there are a million things on my plate at the moment.  With all whining aside... I hope you'll accept my sincere apologies for:

A.  Letting three days slip in between my posts.  Usually I have three to seven scheduled posts, but right now I have zero.  The sad thing is... I don't really have any new ideas at the moment either... except for possibly this weekend's flea market recap.

B.  Not reading and commenting on your posts as often as I'd like.  I try to read as many as I can during my free time, which explains why some of my comments are in the wee hours of the morning.  But right now it's hard to keep up with the 200+ active blogs I follow.  I promise all of you that will change as soon as summer school starts.

C.  Making a bunch of you wait for your care/trade packages.  As of right now, I know I owe:  Dennis (Too Many Verlanders), Tom (The Angels, In Order), Tony (Off Hiatus Baseball Card), Zippy (Cervin' Up Cards), Comatoad (Bleedin' Brown and Gold), The Prowling Cat, Matthew (Bob Walk the Plank), T.J. (The Junior Junkie), Mr. Hoyle, Brett (@ CCW), The Big Kahuna (Enough Already), and of course Wes (Jay Barker Fan's Junk).

If I missed anyone... I'm totally sorry.  Leave a comment below and I'll add you to the list.

D.  Taking longer than usual to reply to the comments on my own blog.  I used to love waking up and reading your comments, but lately I've been using that time to read all of your blogs.  My normal commenting should resume in two more weeks.

Now onto a more positive note.  This week I received two packages in the mail from Too Many Verlanders and Jay Barker Fan's Junk.  Here are some of the highlights from their packages.

We'll start off with a package from Dennis who hooked me up with this awesome addition to my Tony Gwynn PC:

This card is awesome for a couple of reasons.  First... two of my favorite baseball players are together on one card, which happens to be a small project I'm currently working on.  And if that's not cool enough for you, it features one of my favorite baseball teams and Pinnacle's awesome dufex technology.

He also sent a handful of cards for my Stanford, CAL, and SJSU collections.  In fact I didn't have any of the cards he sent, which is totally awesome.  Thanks Dennis.  As soon as things settle down, I'll send some Detroit Tigers your way.

The next day I received another care package from Jay Barker Fan's Junk.  I already owe Wes from a few months ago and have been picking up some Willinghams for his collection.  Looks like I'll need to find more.  As usual, he loaded me up with some awesome Expos:

A boatload of Japanese ball players...

Some Oakland Athletics...

And San Diego Padres...

A pair of Seahawks...

This awesome Nabby...

And even a few packs of cards.

Thanks Wes!  You've gone way overboard again.  I think that's the third package you've sent this year.  At this rate, I'm never going to be able to make things square.  But don't worry... I don't give up that easy.

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.  Happy Saturday and sayonara!


  1. I'm in a major blogging slump myself, nothing since Monday.

  2. Been in a slump most of the year so far... and those Awesome All-Stars packages look interesting!! kinda Ed Roth-ish...

  3. It's like the doldrums of summer have hit early this year. I mean, I resorted to Soccer cards for a post today. Is it possible to have collective writers' block?

    Also, I'm not sure that you owe me anything at this point, Fuji...

  4. I can barely find time myself. Blogging is about peaks and valleys of time/inspiration. Hang in there.

  5. Hey, I'm lucky if I get two posts up on my blog in a month. You're not using me as a role model are you? That could be your problem. I only just shipped off a stack of cards to a friend in Mexico that I'd been sitting on for nearly two years. Now, for some reason, I'm sitting on a stack of Winfields I was planning to ship to ARPSmith for nearly 4 months now.

    Cut yourself some slack, you already post the crap out of this blog. Just remember, that as long as you live in the land of the Infinite Flea Market, ever'ting gon' be alright.

  6. We are still working on our trade for the Mark Barron auto

  7. We all go through writing slumps, but one of the great things about blogging is that there aren't any deadlines. It's always great to have you around, though, Mr. Fuji.

    As for Wes, I don't know where he continues to find all this great cardboard. That Heritage Darvish parallel is terrific.

  8. I'm in a similar rut. But it's not because of writer's block, it's because life isn't letting me take TWO SECONDS to develop an idea for a post.

  9. I have no idea how Wes does it....

  10. That was weird timing. I talked about writers block in my post yesterday as well.

  11. I don't envy you guys who write these blogs every day. I enjoy reading g whenever you post

  12. Must be contagious. I'm usually a couple of days ahead at least. Now I'm trying to catch up and get a post done at some point each day if I can. Chasing my tail.

  13. Don't worry about your writer's block. I've still got 2 trades to complete and the never ending reorganization project is just that...never ending.