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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hot, Exhausted, and Miserable

Have I ever mentioned that I hate the heat?  If not... now I have.  Temperatures in my neck of the woods have cracked the century mark the past two days, but today it thankfully mellowed out and dropped to 95º.    Just last week we were in the mid 60's and I was wearing hoodies to work.  What in the world is going on?

This insane heat isn't my only problem.  My allergies are back and they're kickin' my butt.  I've slept approximately four hours the past two nights.  In other words, I'm exhausted and feeling miserable.

That's why today's post will be short and assisted by a few music videos courtesy of YouTube.

First up... a little Kevin Mitchell and some Dust from Kansas...

Next black bordered eTopps refractor and some classic AC/DC...

Third on today's playlist is The Kid who has teamed up with The Beastie Boys...

Batting clean-up are The Professor and the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun musical artist...

And wrapping things up this evening are Mr. Padre and one of my favorite English rock groups from the 80's...

Hopefully I'll feel a little better and have a regular post up for you guys tomorrow.  And by the way... Comatoad, Junior Junkie, Mr. Bob Walk the Plank, and The Prowling Cat... if you happen to read this post.  I have received all of your packages and as soon as I have some solid me time, I'm going to tear into them.  Sorry about the delay... but if the heat and allergies weren't enough... end of the school year activities are keeping me busy.  This will give me some time to get some things together for your PC's.  Thanks in advance... and once again I apologize for not opening them up sooner.

Your turn...

What kind of music do you like?  Favorite artists?  Bands?  Songs?

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. Guess its called classic rock now---anything Zeppelin, Hendrix, Deep Purple

  2. I'm one of those annoying people who say "I like a little of everything."

  3. Hope you feel better Fuji.

    As for my favorite kind of music, I try to listen to as many different genres as possible. I could be listening to Cypress Hill and then Modest Mouse and then J. Cole and then Luke Bryan and then A Flock Of Seagulls and then The Scorpions and everything in between.

  4. I'm with the hope you get better soon. Allergies or any sort of sickness isn't a good time.

    As for music. While I can, and will listen to many different types of music my preference is for dance, or trance music.

    As for my favorite song Fishing In The Dark by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band has been my favorite for years, and still is. It just brings back so many memories from when I was a kid.

  5. Never come to Georgia in April, Fuji -- the 7000 pollen counts would incapacitate you.

    Music and me have a long history. My very favorite bands are U2, Pearl Jam, The Smiths, Stone Roses, Drivin N Cryin, REM, and Nirvana. But I have my times where I'm digging anything from Johnny Cash to Lil John, The Killers to Charlie Parker, Lorde or Bastille to luke Bryan or Florida-Georgia Line, or the Beatles, or LIl Wayne or Snoop Dogg or Modest Mouse or Franz Ferdinand or The Archie Bronson Outfit....um, yeah, I like music a lot.

  6. According to this iTunes script I downloaded my most played artists are:

    David Gray, Pearl Jam, Massive Attack, Paul Simon, the Mavericks, George Jones, Andrea Bocelli, Lana Del Rey, Matisyahu and Merle Haggard.

    I tried one that's supposed to show me my 10 most played albums but it keeps crashing iTunes. :-(

  7. Hope you feel better, Fuji. Likin that Mitchell auto and Intergalactic is a fun video. I'm a fan of the Beatles, Billy Joel, Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac, Elvis, and The Eagles, off the top of my head. I guess that puts me in the classic rock territory.

  8. In the middle of the country it's 20 degrees below normal. But we still have the pollen.
    I like sixties and seventies music a lot, my youth, Simon and Garfunkel, Beatles, Stones, James Taylor, Carly Simon, Elton John. I also like quite a bit of classical music, Beethoven, Satie, Ravel, Mozart. I love early Jazz like Louis Armstrong's Hot Fives and Sevens. I have a thing for Amanda Palmer now.

  9. I just listen to "Two Princes" by the Spin Doctors on repeat all day, everyday.

  10. Gimme any blues-inspired or swampy, muddy water rock.
    The Stones, ZZ Top, Tab Benoit, Gary Clark and so on......

    And tons of early punk bands

    1. Have seen Tab perform numerous times...puts on great show..... Guy is funny as hell also

  11. Being a musician has introduced me to all kinds of different music, hence my "record" collection consists of everything from Mozart to Marilyn Manson. 80's metal is my favorite...out of that I would say that Van Halen and Motley Crue were my favorites from that era.
    Since I was in a cover band for decades I played a lot of the "hits", so a lot of the songs I like were some of the songs that went over well. On the other hand, I've grown to dislike songs simply because they were a pain in the ass to play.
    I went to school for music so I also tend to like artists because of their talent level as opposed to what kind of music they play. So for someone who is a metalhead, you'd see some pretty bizarre choices in my music collection.

  12. My favorite genre/era for music is probably '70s punk, although my favorite band is a tie between the Ramones and the Beatles.

  13. Anything Allman Brothers.. Looks

    1. Looks like Stealing Home has the same playlist as me.. Love the Blues

  14. Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Nirvana are all favorites of mine.

  15. Commishbob has some greats listed: Pearl Jam, Massive Attack (saw them once), Matisyahu (saw him recently)...other longtime favorites of mine are Dinosaur Jr. (just included J. Mascis in a post yesterday), and this time of the year, roots reggae. I have to agree w/ Nick on the early punk movement, as well as Matthew Scott including Alice in Chains.

    I hope you start feeling better pronto, Fuji.

  16. Besides J-Pop I listen to Muse a lot. Paramore and Of Monsters and Men are in my current playlist too.
    That Kevin Mitchell card is ranked #1 in my dust collection. What a card..

  17. This heat sucks.

    Turquoise Jeep
    Childish Gambino
    lots of different stuff, really

  18. Yeah man is it hot, even in Watsonville where I live which is 30 miles from Fuji, typically when Fuji is in the 90s in the summer we are in the 60s. Even born and raised in the heat I haven't slept either. Fuji it will get better for ya.

  19. dont care how many people make fun of me for it, but Creed is my favorite band.

    feel better fuji

  20. I literally will listen to anything but rap (hardcore rap, that is) My favorite band/singer is/was Danny Elfman from Oingo Boingo, anything by Jimmy Buffett or the Zac Brown Band... lately I've fallen into a jazzier groove, listening to Queen Latifa, Caro Emerald, and Renee Olstead (the young redhead from the sitcom "Still Standing") are among them, my favorite version of "Fishin in the Dark" is by Emerson Drive. Anything by Franz Ferdinand is a hit in my book. Others... Train, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphies, Gaelic Storm, Tom Jones, Elvis... I could go on, but you can see I am all over the place musically!!

    and I fell your pain, my allergies have been working overtime this spring... can't remember being this bad...

  21. I've given up on trying to determine my favorite bands/music. It's now just whatever catches my ear. The first songs that popped up in my ipod:

    Telstar - Tornadoes (1962 instrumental)
    Let Me Be The One - Expose ('80s freestyle)
    Take Me Home - Cash Cash (modern electronic music)
    Lost In Love - Air Supply (early '80s soft rock)
    Living for the City - Steve Wonder (early '70s R&B/funk)
    Living After Midnight - Judas Priest (1980s heavy metal)
    Drive - Incubus (turn of century rock -- but not a rock song)
    Ya Mo Be There - James Ingram/Michael McDonald ('80s pop/R&B)
    Whipped Cream - Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass (late '60s jazz/pop)
    Message Of Love - Pretenders ('80s new wave)
    Don't Let Go - Isaac Hayes (1980 disco/soul)
    Burning Down One Side - Robert Plant (rock)