30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday Night Thank You's!

Where the heck should I begin?  It seems every time I check my mailbox there's another package sent from one of you guys.  I'm starting to lose track of who (or is it whom?) I owe cards too.

In less than a two week period, I have receive packages from The Junior Junkie, jacobmrley, Comatoad, and Mr. Zippy Zappy.

The Junior Junkie got things rolling when he sent me a few cards that were part of a giveaway he held in celebration of Ken Griffey Jr.'s 44th birthday.  One of them was this sweet Mike Mussina from the 1995 Donruss Mound Marvels insert set:

If you're not familiar with these acetate inserts, you're missing out.  They come with a protective peel, which I immediately removed so I could enjoy the portrait photo.  Thanks T.J.!

Next up was a package that got me a few cards closer to completing one of the greatest sets of the 80's.  Remember that 1984 Donruss baseball set that I'm building?  Well thanks to jacobmrley, I'm down to needing only one card:  #178 Jim Sundberg.

He hooked me up with these four cards:

But that's not all.  He also sent these two Gwynns:

I was stoked to find out that I needed both of these cards for my Gwynn binder.  Isn't that Goodwin card gorgeous?  And the amethyst card numbered to 650 isn't exactly an ugly duckling.  Thanks Max!

Today, I found out what it feels like to get Zippy Zapped!  He sure got me good.  He sent four vintage Padres along with a pair of Oakland and San Diego prospects.

Thanks Zippy!  I'll definitely keep you in mind if I come across any Eric Jagielo cards.  And by the way... when are you going to join the fun and start a blog?

And last... but certainly not least... I'll wrap things up with this autograph of the Oakland A's pitching ace:

Fellow Padres fan and author of Bleedin' Brown and Gold sent me a nice Christmas card that included the above Parker.  I'm ashamed to admit that I still haven't paid you back for the first package you sent earlier in the month.  I guess I'd better get my bottom moving.  Thanks Duff!

Seriously... words can't express how much I appreciate the awesome generosity that flows through our blogworld.  My holiday break starts on Friday, so I'll try to get your packages in the mail by then.  Thanks again you guys.  I hope all of you have a safe holiday season.

Happy Tuesday and sayonara!


  1. Glad to see the cards got to you safely :).
    And I have thought about blogging. But after realizing how hard it is and how I'd run out of content ideas very quickly, I decided not to start one and stay in the shadows.

    1. Nice... like a ninja! Thanks again for the cards :)