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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Steve Garvey!

Growing up... I thought that Steve Garvey was the man.  But it wasn't because he was part of the famous Dodgers infield.  It wasn't because he was a 10x NL All-Star.  And it wasn't because he was an NL MVP, a Roberto Clemente Award recipient, and a Lou Gehrig Memorial Award winner.  Heck... it doesn't even have to do with his time with my favorite team... the San Diego Padres.

Nope.  As insane as this is going to sound... it actually had to do with his ex-wife.  I'm not sure exactly when it happened... but at some point in the late 70's (or possibly early 80's) I saw a picture of Steve and his wife.  And from that moment on... I was a fan.

I know... it doesn't make sense.  I'm not a fan of Kanye... because I think Kim is hot.  Nor was I a fan of Verlander... because he was hanging with Kate.  Maybe it was because I was going through puberty at the time.  Whatever the reason... since that moment... Garvey has been one of the good guys in my book and today he's celebrating his 65th birthday.

And in honor of this special occasion, GCRL over at Garvey Cey Russell Lopes is having a contest where one lucky winner will walk away with a 1952 Topps card.

All you have to do is write up a post with the title "Happy Birthday Steve Garvey", include a link to his blog, and leave a comment with a link to your post on his blog.

So without further adieu... here's my favorite piece of Steve Garvey cardboard:

It's the only Garvey autograph in my San Diego PC, but at least it's on-card and celebrates his NL record for most consecutive games played.

Happy Birthday Steve and sayonara!


gcrl said...

Haha. That wasn't a bad reason to be a garvey fan.

Anonymous said...

I remember Garvey having the hairiest, manliest arms of all time.

Fuji said...

LOL... I vaguely recall that myself.

Fuji said...

Thanks for the support. Oh... and thanks for the contest! I've never seen so many Steve Garvey posts.