30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Chronicles of Cardfoolery #8: Ridiculous 1 of 1's

I think I'm starting to lose it.  Seriously.  I just dropped $3.98 on this:

2013 A Sign of History Kurt Suzuki 1 of 1

Hold on... let me turn it around for you so you can get a better look:

It's time to bust a little Elizabeth Barrett Browning on you.  How much does the production of this card annoy me?  Let me count the ways.

#1 - They took a nine year old baseball card and chopped it up.  For goodness sakes... they cut off Kurt's head.  Here's what the original card looked like:

Courtesy of COMC

#2 - They encapsulated the card.  Why?  I honestly have nothing against grading companies, but it seems like in this particular instance... it's such a waste of plastic.  Don't get me wrong... I love Kurt.  He's my favorite player.  But for a 2013 product (if you can call this a product), why would you encapsulate a backup catcher?

#3 - They certify this autograph to be authentic.  But who the heck is A Sign of History?  What makes these guys autograph experts?  Maybe they held a private signing with him.

#4 - They slapped a 1 of 1 label on it.  Really?  Is this the future of 1/1's?

But who's really to blame for this "cardfoolery"?  The people who came up with this laughable product or the foolish, short Japanese guy who bought the card?

Wait... I'm not sure I want to hear your response to that question.

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. It's not your fault. You have an addiction! I hear Suzuki may be a Ranger soon? Have you heard that?

  2. I'm not sure who they are, but their website is terrible. I love the blurb about their 2013 products which isn't much and pretty much is the whole website, and I quote "Our 2013 edition has been released. Each card is a 1/1, so only one of each person will be produced. Our new holders have a label describing the card and are ultrasonically sealed. The authenticity of each autograph is guaranteed for life." FOR LIFE YO!

  3. I never realized you were short!!


  4. But the card is really chopped out? That's taking the hobby onto a higher note..not a good one..but put high on that!

  5. That thing is worth 4 bucks. No worries.

  6. I love autograph/signature cards, and I like some (note I said some) cut signature cards. My big beef about most cut sig cards is that like with jersey and relic cards they cut up a piece of memorabilia to make the card. In the case of cut signatures obviously they can only make 1 card from a single piece of signed memorabilia not 1,000

    I've ranted about this taking a signature from an older card for a cut sig on my blog
    (the first post is my detective work on a cut sig I have that I wasn't sure about the original source at first, the second older post is the one where I rant about them using cards or photos for the cut sig)

  7. These are dumb. They take a perfectly good signed card, cut it up and stick it in a plastic case. No thanks.

  8. Leaf/Razor does this too, a hack job to a perfectly good autographed card. Have you considered breaking it out of the case and maybe attaching it to another copy of the original card?

  9. Tristar has done the same thing in the past. I once bought a Tristar card that was a cut up 2001 Fleer Greats of the Game for my Paul Blair player collection. It was so awful when I finally got it that I vowed to never buy another card for a PC that doesn't have the players head on it.