30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday Night Five: Five More Black Friday Boxes

Keeping myself from tearing into all of the boxes I picked up on Black Friday is a lot more difficult than I thought.  The original plan was to spread things out between now and Christmas, but at the current rate I'll be finished by next week.

Regardless... at least I had enough self discipline to keep myself from busting all of them the day they arrived.

This morning I decided to start my day off with some football boxes, since the NFL playoff picture is starting to take shape.  I'm way too lazy to scan all of the cards, so I'll stick to showing off the highlights of each box.

I started off with three boxes of 2012 Turkey Red in hopes of pulling a nice Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson card.  Each box contains only eleven cards:  9 base cards, 1 mini, and 1 autograph.  This product was probably my biggest gamble based on the price point ($34.95 per box), what you get in a box, and the overall odds of pulling anything significant.

But the Turkey Red design has always been one of my favorites and the 2012 NFL Draft Class is pretty loaded.  Let's see how I did:

Box #1:  2012 Topps Turkey Red Football

I was pretty excited to pull a Russell Wilson rookie card for my Seahawks PC in the first box I opened.  Throw in the Marvin McNutt printing plate and Mark Barron autograph and I was pretty content with the box.

Box #2:  Another 2012 Topps Turkey Red Football

Okay.  I knew it couldn't last.  At least the Cyrus Gray is a short print autograph.

Box #3:  Final 2012 Topps Turkey Red Football

Another subpar box.  But at least I pulled an autograph of a CAL alum.  It's a shame that Jones can't play the Jets a six or seven times a season.

While the Turkey Red boxes were definitely a gamble, the two value boxes I picked up are a pretty safe bet.  Each value box contains:  5 packs of Topps football, 1 hobby pack of Topps Platinum, and 1 exclusive Chrome refractor of Andrew Luck or RGIII.

At $9.95 a box, it's hard to lose money based on the entertainment value alone.  Plus, who knows... maybe I'll pull a nice card for one of my PC's.  Time to find out...

Box #4:  2012 Topps Football Value Box

I don't have a lot of Luck... so I was happy to find this one.  I also pulled this cool Nick Foles rookie card out of my Topps Platinum pack.  He's definitely done a pretty decent job in Philadelphia.

Box #5:  Last 2012 Topps Football Value Box

Nothing too special out of the final box... although the Bart Starr rookie reprint is pretty cool.

I didn't pull anything of major significance out of either of these boxes, but I've got to admit... they were pretty fun to bust.  

Happy Saturday and sayonara!


  1. not too bad on the box breaks so far. i always love getting a printing plate regardless of the player. 1/1's are always nice to get.

    interested in trading the Alfred Morris card? I don't have any Turkey Red Redskins in my collection yet.

    1. Yeah... I can't complain too much. The TR boxes were high risk, so I knew what I was getting myself into. The fact I pulled a plate was a nice bonus. As for the Morris, I'm building the set. However... I've picked up a few lots. If there's an extra one in any of those, it's yours.

    2. No problem and good luck with the set. The Turkey Reds are really nice quality cards.

  2. Fuji,
    The Topps Turkey red box one was def the best and probably the one that was worth the price point but I like the 3 autos you got just not sure i'd pay $100 or so for them lol

    1. Oh there's no way I even came close to paying for the three boxes. But that's what you get with the high risk, high reward boxes. Hopefully the law of averages pays off and I get something decent in the five remaining boxes ;-)

  3. That Turkey Red Keenum! I've never seen that, great card.

    Growing up a Baltimore Colts fan Bart Starr was 'the enemy' but I admit to a lot of respect for the guy. He was a terrific player. I've got my '57 Unitas rookie, I wish I could afford a copy of the Starr original rookie card but it's just out of sight.

    Look like fun boxes to go through.

    1. I wish I could afford the Starr myself... or even the Unitas for that matter. Maybe one day when I win the lottery ;-)