30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Silver Hasn't Held Its Value

When was the last time you pulled a parallel numbered to 2,000 and got excited because of its scarcity?  If you're like me, it was probably during the 90's.  These days many collectors don't even blink when the pull something numbered to 500, let alone 2,000.

But back in mid 90's, I remember busting packs of Donruss baseball, football, and hockey products in search of their Press Proofs.  And every time I found one, it felt like I struck gold.  Or in the case of this particular card... it felt like I struck silver:

1997 Donruss Silver Press Proof #133

Back then, there's a chance that I didn't even know who Mariano Rivera was.  Looking back at his career, 1997 was his breakout season and the first year he made the all-star team.

But I can assure you, that this card was quickly pulled from the pack and inserted into a penny sleeve and top loader, due to its relative scarcity of being only 1 of 2,000.

Fast forward sixteen years and you have this not so rare parallel of the best closer to play the game.

Happy Sunday and sayonara!


  1. Still an awesome card. To this day I have a Tino Martinez card from 1997 Leaf in a screw case, and it was numbered to 2500.

  2. It may be out of 2000 but that's a sweet pic of Mo.

  3. That's one top card, Mr. Fuji.

    Mo hasn't aged much, has he?

    You did better than me - my packs only yielded me a Roberto Hernandez Press Proof!

  4. I'm not one to bash umps too much, but tonight the douche was calling pitches IN the zone balls for Joe Nathan and giving Rivera a couple inches off the plate. "Sigh".