30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Flea Market Finds #41: Baseball Card Sets & Football Figurines

I'll keep this post short and simple.  Last weekend, I hit up two flea markets and purchased two sets, two football figurines, and one autograph.

Here's the breakdown...

When: Saturday, July 6th
Where: De Anza Flea Market
What: A Baseball Card Set, an Autograph, and a Football Figurine
How much?: $20

Purchase #1:  1989 Bowman Baseball Factory Set $5

The baseball card gods are definitely watching over me.  Early Saturday morning, I left the following message on one of Night Owl's posts:

And less than 12 hours later, I came across one at the flea market.  I know that these Bowman's are a pain in the butt to store, but at this price I'm willing to suffer.

Purchase #2:  Bill Bergey Autograph $5

If you collect football cards, then you're probably familiar with 1997 Upper Deck Legends autograph set.  I won't go as far as saying I'm building this set... but I'll pick up singles from time to time if they're affordable.

Purchase #3:  2002 Memory Company Figurine $10

I thought that this was a bobble head, but discovered it's a figurine with an oversized head. Oh well... it's still a pretty cool item for my Green Bay Packers shelf.

WhenSundayJuly 7th
WhereCapitol Flea Market
WhatA Baseball Card Set and a Football Bobble Head
How much?: $7

Purchase #1:  1993 Upper Deck Baseball Set $5

It's actually more like a 1993 Upper Deck starter set, because it's missing 40 cards.  If anyone out there has extras laying around, I need the following:

I had a feeling it wasn't complete when I purchased it.  But I made sure it had the one key card before I handed over the five spot:

Purchase #2:  Clevan Thomas Bobble Head $2

Yeah... I collect San Jose Sabercats bobble heads.  So what?  I've been looking for a Thomas for awhile now to stand next to my Barry Wagner, Mark Grieb, James Roe, and Ben Nelson bobbles.

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. Nice pick-ups. I especially like the '97 UD football. I bought the base set and have a handful of the autographed cards. And that handful is likely all I'll collect.

    1. I only have a handful myself... but if they're cheap, I'll always grab them.

  2. How do I not have the Jeter UD RC? Fail.

    1. I didn't own one (unless you count his 1992 UD Draft) until this purchase either ;-)

  3. I think I have some '93 UD dupes around. I'll have to see if I have any on your list.

    1. Thanks... appreciate any help. Cory over at Rectangle Men offered to help too. I'll update my wantlist ASAP.

  4. That '93 UD box was a steal!

  5. How many cards does that '93 UD set has!?
    Is a 'prospect' card really a RC? I don't know how this definition is made way before the 'RC' logo on the cards appeared for the first time.

    Great findings!

    1. There are 840 base cards in the 1993 Upper Deck set. It was broken down into two series, each with 420 cards.

      As for the Jeter... his 1993 base cards are often referred to as his rookie cards. He has a couple of 1992 minor league cards too. There are definitely different opinions when it comes to the term "rookie card".

      Before 2006 (hmmm... maybe 2005), a player did not have to appear in an office MLB game in order to have a rookie card... which is why Jeter's 1993 cards are rookies, although he didn't make his MLB debut until 1995.

      Hope I didn't make things more confusing ;)

    2. Those sets if had all the parallels and variations like the currents ones would be an Herculean task to get them all!

      You explained it all right. Next time I check on eBay for cards and see the tag for rookie card I'll better be more careful. Thanks ;)

  6. Good job on making sure the Jeter was in the set before you bought it. And the picture of Favre on the box has that deer in the headlights look.