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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Greatest of All-Time

In MMA's brief history, Anderson Silva is often referred to as the best pound for pound fighter in the world.  Some even say he's the greatest champion in UFC history.  And after listening to interviews, reading articles, and watching his highlights, I now understand all of the hype.

In short... the guy is a beast.

Take a quick look at the numbers:

33-4 Professional MMA Record
16-0 as a UFC Fighter
16 Consecutive UFC Wins = UFC Record
10 Consecutive UFC Title Defenses = UFC Record
6 "Knockout of the Night" Bonuses = UFC Record
67.8% Significant Strike Accuracy = UFC Record
17 Knockdowns Landed = UFC Record

It's been over seven years since Silva lost his last fight due to a disqualification against Yushin Okami.  Tonight, he'll enter the octagon against Chris Weidman to defend his title.  Usually I'm the guy cheering for the underdog, but tonight I'd like to see Silva continue this amazing run in the UFC.

However based on what I've read, there are plenty of people who believe that Weidman is the man to end Silva's reign.  Here's what fellow UFC living legend, Georges St-Pierre predicts...

"Not only is Chris Weidman going to beat Anderson Silva, I believe he's going to finish Anderson.  I believe it's not going to last too long, this fight."

I'm dying to watch this fight.  The hype has definitely garnered the attention of this small time
MMA fan.

Go Silva!

Happy Saturaday and sayonara!


  1. That's a beautiful card!

    Silva's fighting tactics, not so much.

    1. Lol... I know, right? He got caught being cocky. Great life lesson.

  2. I don't think any one besides GSP called this fight correctly, this should have been another Silva win instead he got caught with an unexpected left. He could have easily fought 2 more years and at least 3 more fights during that time, the guy could have retired at 40 years old with a perfect 20-0 UFC record and an almost untouchable 14 straight title defense wins.

    1. You should have been his coach. Someone in his corner should have been whispering these words of wisdom into his ear. Before this fight, I was entertained by his show boating... but I've got to admit, after watching the replay over and over and over, I totally think he got what he deserved. It also taught me a lesson... stick to the underdogs ;-)

  3. I was shocked by the result, but not as much once I saw the replay.

    1. Yeah... hopefully he learned his lesson. I look forward to the rematch.