30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Few Steps Closer...

This year, I've taken on three new baseball card sets and with the help of two fellow cardboard bloggers, I'm a few steps closer to wrapping these projects up.

Base Set Calling traded me his 2013 Topps Rookie Card Patch of Chipper Jones last week.  

I'm now only five cards short of finishing this set, so if anyone out there has any of the following available for trade... please let me know.

In addition to the Jones, I also traded for this 2013 Archives Fan Favorites autograph of Denny McLain:

I'm still pretty far away from completing this set, but I'm taking it one card at a time.

I also completed a trade with Matt over at Cardboard Conundrum, who sent me the Mookie Wilson from the same set:

With the Wilson and McLain out of the way, I'm now left with only 16 cards left on my wantlist.  Like the Rookie Card Patch set, if anyone has any of these available... please let me know:

Thanks Matt and Base Set Calling for helping me out with my projects.  I look forward to trading with both of you again in the near future.

Oops... I almost forgot to mention my third project.  I'm also building the 2013 Topps Museum Collection Canvas Collection set.  Here's a list of the cards I still need for my set:

Happy Wednesday and sayonara!


  1. Denny McLain is a intriguing guy. I love that card.

  2. That McLain card is nice. Those are some tough sets to pursue...wish I could help!

  3. Good stuff. Love the Mookie autograph