30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Friday, November 23, 2012

Fuchsia Friday > Black Friday

I'm boycotting Black Friday!  In fact, I'm starting a petition among cardboard collectors to switch it to Fuchsia Friday.  So instead of searching for deals among mobs of shoppers, I'll be recovering from yesterday's food hangover by posting some of my favorite 70's cards featuring "fuchsia".

1972 Topps #61

1973 Topps #160

1974 Topps #55

1975 Topps #20

1976 Topps #330

1977 Topps #525

1978 Topps #360

1979 Topps #50

And just in case you're not a baseball fan, Topps made sure to included fuchsia on their 70's basketball and football cards too.

1972-73 Topps #28

1972 Topps #165

So... what do you think?  Are you down to join the movement?  C'mon... show off your fuchsia and let people know that...

 Real Cardboard Collectors Collect Pink!

What?  You're not down to represent Fuchsia Friday?  Okay, go ahead...

What are some of your best Black Friday purchases?

Happy Friday and sayonara!


  1. I picked up some oddballs & vintage off of COMC- their Black Friday special was free shipping on 10+ cards. My fave: a 2003 Topps Opening Day Sticker of Chipper for 53 cents.

    1. I picked up a few cards on COMC too... mainly some cheap Maddux jerseys and SJ Sharks autographs. It's hard to beat the free shipping.

  2. I know this post is about the 70s, but the 59 Bob Gibson rookie is one of the best pink cards ever!


    1. Hell yeah... if only I owned that card ;-)