30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dick Perez + Jackie Robinson = Awesome

The WANTLIST.  Some collectors have big ones.  Others have small ones.  But if you collect cardboard, there's undoubtedly at least one card you're chasing.

In my case, I have a ton.  But I recently crossed off the #1 card on my top 10 list:

1985 Perez-Steele Great Moments #3

Back in 1985, Perez-Steele Galleries produced a 12 card set called Great Moments featuring some of the greatest baseball players to take the diamond.  If the design looks familiar, it's because it's modeled after the 1911 Turkey Red Cabinet cards and features the paintings of Dick Perez.  And like the originals, these too are oversized... measuring 5 3/4" x 8", which are much larger than the recent standard sized Turkey Red cards produced by Topps.

The set became a "living set" and over the course of 12 years (1985 to 1997) they produced 9 different series totaling 108 cards.  Each series was limited to 5,000 sets which back in the "Junk Wax Era" was considered relatively scarce.

These days you shouldn't have too much trouble finding singles and sets, but if you want a good deal... you'll have to be patient.  I waited around the past few years and eventually paid $6.69 (free shipping), which was more than I wanted to pay... but I grew tired of waiting.

Here is today's question...

What card(s) are on the top of your wantlist?  How long have you wanted it?

I won't bore you with my top 10 list, but now that I have the Jackie... a 1997 Pinnacle X-Press Bronze Metal Works Greg Maddux is my new #1.  If anyone has one of these laying around, I'd love to work out a deal for it.

Happy Wednesday and sayonara!


  1. Top of my list is a Sadaharu Oh menko card. Any one will do if it's in decent shape. I have a few mass produced cards issued late in his baseball career but I'd love to have an original Menko from his early career.

    1. Love those Menko cards. And Oh is an excellent selection. Wouldn't mind adding one of those to my collection too.

  2. A Jorge Posada autograph card.

    I'll try to spare you of another long paragraph of mine by just saying that I've wanted an Posada auto since 2005 but I wanted it to be an IP auto on my 2005 Topps Posada card. Unfortunatly I never got to me meet him and the card's too important (to me) to try and send it to get a TTM auto.
    Although because of this I get more tempted everyday to trade for one of his "certified" topps autos.

    1. What's the significance behind the 2005 Topps card? Best of luck on your search for his autograph. He's definitely a Yankee for the ages.

  3. I wouldn't call it my "Most Wanted" card, or anything like that, but it's certainly one I really want and have wanted for more or less my entire card collecting life (which began in the early 80's).

    1963 Topps Pete Rose

    I don't care for graded cards, but given that cards history of out-side creative efforts, I'm not touching it unless it's PSA or BVG which means I'll have to pay more (even though I'd be thrilled with a 1 or 2), so it's likely to remain a "wanted" card instead a "prized" card for a good time longer.

    1. Yeah... I wanted one of those since my childhood too. I'm in the same boat... it's more likely to remain wanted than prized.