30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Friday, November 30, 2012

Bo Knows Broders

In honor of Mr. Jackson's 50th birthday, I figured I'd show off my Bo Jackson Broder set:

Header Card

It's not the prettiest looking set... just a simple design.  If you're unfamiliar with Broders, they are essentially unlicensed cards that have little value.  However... if you collected cardboard in the 80's you probably had one or two sitting in your collection at some point in time.

If you're interested, I wrote about them in a little more detail last year...  click here.

I found the set in a box I purchased at the flea market a few weeks ago:

There wasn't anything too special inside of the box except for this Broder set, a few low end inserts, a partial 1993 Hostess baseball set, and a Frank Thomas Barry Colla set which I'll feature in the future.  I compared the box to one of those Fairfield packages you find at Target and for $3 (I haggled with the dealer)... it was worth the price.

Happy Birthday Bo!

Happy Friday & sayonara!


  1. I've actually never seen this set so thanks for sharing.

    I have a similar Ken Griffey, Jr. set from around the same time. Long live the Broder!

    1. Awesome... I have found another Broder buddy!