30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Flea Market Finds #25: Dollar Bin Bargains

When:  Saturday, November 3rd
Where:  De Anza Flea Market
What:  Comics, Panini Stickers, Sets, Autographs, & a SLU
How Much?:  $55

Another month.  Another De Anza Flea Market.  This flea market is easily my favorite, because there are so many treasures to be found here.  And last Saturday's adventure didn't disappoint.

Purchase #1:  A Pair of Comics & a 1991 Nolan Ryan SLU  $3

A comic book with baseball cards for a buck?  You know I couldn't pass this one up.  I've never seen this before, but it was published back in
1991 and features cards of Alvin Dark, Richie Ashburn, and Gene Woodling.

If you collected comic books in the 90's, then you probably own this book.  For another Washington... now I do too.

I have at least two of these... possibly three.  But at the price I paid... who cares?  This figure looks like it was pulled from the case yesterday and features the all-time strikeout king.

Purchase #2:  1993 Topps Factory Set & a J.R. Richard Autograph $15

I finally own a
1993 Topps Derek Jeter rookie card and it only took me 19 years to obtain it.

J.R. Richard
was a beast in the late 70's.  I already have an autograph of his, but it doesn't hurt to have two.  The guy wanted $20 for the 1993 Topps set.  I countered with $15, asked for the Richard too (he had two of them), and he accepted.

Purchase #3:  1986 Fleer Miniature Sets (x6) & 1990/91 Panini NHL Sticker Boxes (x6) $12

I'm a huge fan of mini's and at this price, I couldn't pass them up.  Do I really need 6 sets?  No.  But I can break them up and use them as "trade freebies" and possibly giveaway a set in a contest.

600 packs
of stickers for $6.  I already busted three boxes and built two sets.  The others I'll probably flip at the flea market next month or use as prizes for my students next summer.

Purchase #4:  Nine Autographed Comic Books $25

This was my most expensive purchase of the day, but probably my favorite.  I can't really explain it either.  I haven't read any of these comics and don't know any of the artists who signed them.  But I'm very excited to add these to my collection.

I guess this month's theme was multiples.  I now own multiple copies of the 1991 Nolan Ryan SLU.  And several boxes of 1990/91 Panini Hockey Sticker boxes.  Along with multiple sets of the 1986 Fleer Miniature sets.

So today's question is...

What's your take on multiples?  Can you live with one?  Or do you need more?

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Great stuff. Generally speaking I can live with one, very few exceptions in my collection. I think it has more to do with conserving space in my card room so that I can get a wider variety of treasures than anything else!

    1. I totally understand the concept of conserving space. My parents recently told me that I can't store anything else at their place. Plus I feel bad that my buddy has about 10 of those bankers boxes filled with stuff sitting in his garage.

      Makes me wonder why I own the stuff if I can't enjoy it in my own home. But living in a townhouse just doesn't offer me the luxury of storage space.

      I keep telling myself that one day I'll have a nice house with a cool mancave.

  2. My take on multiples is purely circumstantial.
    Multiples I can live with:
    *Dellin Betances base cards
    Don't care if I've got it already, I never say no to giving a Betances card a good(?) home.

    *Dellin Betances autos
    I've currently got over 10 different types of Betances autos and I'm always looking to add more when I get a chance

    *Top Tier Prospect/Rookie autos
    Autos from the likes of Bryce Harper, Dylan Bundy, Bubba Starling, Manny Machado etc... So I can keep one and use the other(s) as trade bait.

    *Topps & Sega Card Gen cards
    Similar to the top tier prospect/rookie autos, I can use extra cards as trade bait since Card Gen is a Japan-only product despite being a MLB themed game.
    (I'm currently trying to complete the entire 2012 base set, only have like a 150 more to go!)

    Multiples I can't live with:
    *Everything else. Especially sets, anymore than 1 and I usually go bonkers waiting to dump it on someone else.

    1. Great breakdown. When it comes to tradebait, I'm a lot like you. If I find a good deal on something I can turnaround and trade, I'll usually grab it, even if it's a duplicate.

  3. I like multiples of vintage stuff. Especially older Topps rookie cards. When I get bored I run down ebay listings and if I find a '74 Winfield or '83 Traded Strawberry, or '77 Dawson at the right price I pull the trigger. I can't help myself.

    Then there's my Wallach problem, which takes my OCD to a whole new level. There are a few cards I have 300 and 400+ of.


    1. Wow... you weren't kidding. 318 Tim Wallach Topps rookies? Awesome!

  4. The more, the merrier.

    Oh, and I would gladly take the mets out of one of those sets.

    1. email me your address & I'll send them your way ;-)

  5. I have no problems with multiples. Since I'm a set collector, there's no real need to get cards you already have, but hey, if you can afford and have the space for it, more power to you!

    Nice find on the Superman comic. And a buck for the Ryan? I would have pulled the trigger on that...plus I don't think I have a Ryan in the collection.

    Keep a Cubs set mini for me...and I look forward to seeing a sample Hockey pack on APTBNL!

    1. email me your address & I'll send them your way ;-)