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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Morning Soapbox: Powderpuff Pro Bowl

"I'll be honest with you, I was a little bit disappointed. I felt like some of the guys on the NFC side embarrassed themselves." "I wanted to give the fans a show, and make the Green Bay fans who watched and were watching for me and my teammates, I wanted to make them proud of their Pro Bowlers. I was just surprised that some of the guys either didn't want to play or when they were in there didn't put any effort into it." -Aaron Rodgers

Well said Mr. Rodgers... I've got your back and not because you're my favorite player.

I cringed when three defenders let Greg Jennings walk into the end zone for a touchdown. Then, rolled my eyes when I saw Jared Allen's ridiculous barrel roll. And the icing on the cake was watching twenty men wearing pads watch Drew Brees miss his drop kick extra point attempt. One word... SICKENING.

If you're going to play a game in front of fans and you're getting paid to do it, then (in my opinion) you should give your best effort. Oh I understand the whole "just don't get hurt" philosophy... but I don't agree with it. It's a contact sport and injuries are part of the game... which explains why these guys make huge amounts of money.

But obviously... it's not realistic for the players to risk their careers on a game that doesn't matter to anyone except an individual's pride. So what's the solution?

Personally... I think they should just get rid of the Pro Bowl altogether. I'd be just fine knowing that my favorite players have made the First or Second Team All-Pro. It's better than watching guys play "powderpuff football".

And the player's bonuses? Use the money to help the homeless, military veterans, or even education. Or if the NFL has to have some kind of event to fill up the Sunday before Super Bowl... then bring back the Quarterback Challenge and other skills events similar to ones the NHL & NBA has.

Thanks for listening to me stand up on my soapbox... now I encourage you to jump on yours:

What's your opinion of the Pro Bowl?

Okay... now that I've got the juices flowing... I'm ready burn off some calories walking around the flea market.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday... and sayonara!


  1. The Pro Bowl is the most useless "All Star" Game in any of the major sports. It's never been held in high regard because first when it used to be held AFTER the Super Bowl, no one cared, and then when they put it in between the Super Bowl, no one still cared and plus you have so many damn fake pro bowlers because Pro Bowlers in the Super Bowl don't play and guys just don't wanna play in it either so they skip. I couldn't tell you who won the MVP this year much less years before. I say just name a Pro Bowl team, like you do an All Pro Team, All NBA Team etc and call it a day. The game is itself is beyond a joke

    1. You're right about the Pro Bowl being the most useless out of the major sports. I'm glad I'm not the only one to feel that way.