30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Night Five: Favorite Catchers

In honor of Ivan Rodriguez's retirement, I decided to list my top five favorite catchers who played during my lifetime.

Now before I get started, this list is not about who I felt was the greatest catcher... it's a list of my favorites. So don't hate... appreciate:

#1 Kurt Suzuki

It's quite simple. He's Japanese, a hard worker & a team leader, and he's on the Oakland A's.

#2 Johnny Bench

Anyone else watch Bench's saturday morning show... The Baseball Bunch?

#3 Thurman Munson

I don't remember ever watching him play... but I've wanted his rookie card for nearly three decades. It might just be the first card ever added to my wantlist.

#4 Carlton Fisk

Watching the original Pudge wave the ball fair in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series still gives me goosebumps. Amazing.

#5 Tony Pena

I couldn't find a card that captured his stance behind the plate. But if you've heard of Pena, you know what I'm talking about.

Honorable Mention: Ivan Rodriguez, Terry Steinbach, & Gary Carter

Okay, what about you?

Who are your five favorite catchers to play during your lifetime?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend... and sayonara!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Eric... I'll have to hunt this card down and check it out.

  2. Great question! Here are mine:
    Mike Piazza-The greatest hitter that I saw growing up. Big time power and a great mullet.

    Paul Lo Duca-Small dude that hustled and was a team leader.

    Mike Lieberthal-Played in Philly while I lived there and played in LA. Also, from Glendale,CA. I used to live there.

    Brad Ausmus-Smart and grizzled. I have tons of respect for a catcher that plays as long as he did.

    Kurt Suzuki-Almost all the same reasons why you like him.

    1. Piazza would have been my fourth honorable mention. That guy is the greatest hitting catcher to play the game. I never really followed Lo Duca, Lieberthal, or Ausmus... but can't argue with the Suzuki selection.

  3. Johnny Bench, Carlton Fisk, Randy Hundley (69 Cubs), Yogi Berra (I don't remember seeing him play but it was in my lifetime), Andy Etchebarren (WS Orioles and I love his name)

    1. Yogi is to you, as Munson is to me. I'm sure I saw Munson play, but I don't remember any specific games.

      BTW... if you're interested in an autographed Etchebarren 8x10 photo for $5, Iron Clad Authentics has them.