30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday Night Five: Greg Maddux

"Greg Maddux is probably the best pitcher in all of baseball along with Roger Clemens. He's much more intelligent than I am because he doesn't have a 95 or 98 mph fastball. I would tell any pitcher who wants to be successful to watch him, because he's the true definition of a pitcher." - Randy Johnson

Why am I a fan of Greg Maddux? The same reason Randy Johnson and millions of others are.

He's one of the greatest pitchers of all-time and he relied on his brain, more than his arm strength.

Over the past two decades, I've slowly put together a small Greg Maddux PC. These day, I pretty much only trade for memorabilia cards of him. But thanks to Check Out My Cards, I've also purchased a variety of inserts and parallels when the price is right. Here are five of my favorite, cheap Maddux cards:

1997 Donruss Limited "Limited Exposure" #2
Beckett Value: $8
COMC Value: $1 (my purchase price)

A refractor "knock-off"? Maybe. But who cares... this card is sweet looking!

1996 Emotion-XL "D-Fense" #6
Beckett Value: $4
COMC Value: 41¢ (my purchase price)

There's something "awesome" about cards that feature matted borders. Best thing about it? I built the whole set off of COMC for $3.54.

2008 Finest "Refractors" #103
Beckett Value: $3
COMC Value: 60¢ (my purchase price)

A Maddux refractor featuring him in a San Diego Padres uniform? Can you say "perfection"?

1996 Studio "Stained Glass Stars" #4
Beckett Value: $6
COMC Value: 84¢ (my purchase price)

Brightly colored, see through acetate? Yup... isn't it puurrrty?

1996 SPx "Bound for Glory" #1
Beckett Value: $8
COMC Value: $1.20 (my purchase price)

And finally, I couldn't create a list of cheap, cool Maddux cards without adding at least one hologram from the 90's. Upper Deck... get your stuff together & get back into the game.

Oh... before I head off to watch the Sharks' game. I almost forgot... today is The Professor's 46th birthday.

Happy Birthday Mr. Maddux!

Happy Saturday everyone... and sayonara!


  1. Great post and Great Pick Ups Fuji! Enjoy the Game!

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately... Sharks lost :(

  2. Nice Maddux in a Padres uni. Never got a chance to see him on the mound, unfortunately.

    1. Yeah... love that card. I never saw him pitch in a Padres uniform, but was fortunate to see him pitch at Candlestick.