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Sunday, April 1, 2012

A 90's Hockey Rainbow: 1997-98 Paramount Owen Nolan

Once upon a time, I considered myself an Owen Nolan super collector. These days... not so much. I stopped collecting Nolan ten years ago... but I have probably 90% of his cards from between 1989-90 to 1999-2000.

Recently, I was flipping through my Owen Nolan binder and I came across a page that contained seven Nolan cards from the 1997-98 Paramount set. I decided to check Beckett to see if I had all of the color variations... and indeed... I did. Check them out:

Emerald Green (Canadian Packs)

Ice Blue (1:73 Packs)

Silver (Retail Packs)

Dark Gray (Hobby Packs)

Gold Holofoil (Base Card)

Copper (Hobby Packs)

Red (Treat Packs)

Imagine that... I've owned a RAINBOW this whole time and didn't even know it. I think the distribution method behind these different parallels was pretty cool and it's nice to see a different kind of rainbow.

By placing certain colors in a specific pack types, it encouraged collectors to open a variety of packs. It also gave collectors motivation to trade with collectors from a different areas. Plus, outside of the Ice Blue parallels, all of these were inserted into packs at 1:1 ratio... which means they're reasonably attainable.

What's your opinion of 90's colored parallels from Pacific?

Happy Sunday everyone... enjoy the remainder of your weekend and sayonara!

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