30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Friday, August 5, 2011

MLB Dream Team: Managers, Catchers, & Pitchers

I just came home from a quick trip to Vegas where I hung out with my parents and got some much needed rest. Compared to the Bay Area, it was so hot and surprisingly humid. So when we weren't going out to eat and gamble, we stayed home in their nice air conditioned home.

While I was there, I watched this video from the great nblackford1412 on YouTube and was inspired to create my dream MLB roster.

The timing of this video and my trip couldn't be more perfect, because I had access to a lot of my PC cards. So for almost two hours on Wednesday, I sorted cards and scanned part of my collection. While I looked through cards I hadn't seen in months (and in some cases... years)... I started thinking about who would be on my MLB Dream Team.

I decided to focus on my personal favorite players, instead of choosing players solely on skill... so save your "Are you crazy... how could you leave Babe Ruth off of your list?" comments.

I originally was going to make this one post... but it ended up being "sort of" long, so I'm going to divide it into three parts:

Part A - Manager, Catcher, & Pitchers
Part B - Infielders
Part C - Outfielders & Designated Hitter

So without further adieu... here's Part A of my all-time dream MLB roster along with some honorable mentions I felt guilty leaving off the list:

Manager - Billy Martin

Most people associate Martin as a Yankee's manager... but I only picture him in green and yellow. He arrived in Oakland at the start of the 1980 season and helped the last place Athletics take second place in his first season. His three seasons in Oakland left a lifetime impression on millions of A's fans. Who could forget (the philosophy known as) Billy Ball, which helped a young Rickey Henderson steal 100+ bases three times early in his career (2x under Billy himself). But the two things I'll always associate Billy Martin with... are his animated tirades, which involved him kicking dirt on umpires and his "no quitters allowed' mentality.

Honorable Mention - Earl Weaver

Catcher - Kurt Suzuki

Kurt is one of two Suzuki's to make my dream roster. And although he's struggling at the plate this year, he's still my favorite player on the A's. First... he's one heck of a defensive catcher. Second... he's on my favorite team, the Oakland A's. Then throw into the fact that he's from Hawaii... and my relatives have been watching him play since high school. And finally... he's Japanese and share the same middle name.

Honorable Mention - Johnny Bench

Starting Left-Handed Pitcher - Steve Carlton

As a fellow lefty... I loved Steve Carlton when I was growing up... but only recently have I decided to start collecting him. My goal is to eventually acquire all of his regular issue Topps base cards released during his playing years. Hopefully, I can pick up his rookie card at a reasonable price at the GTSM card show in a few weeks.

Honorable Mention - Fernando Valenzuela

Starting Right-Handed Pitcher - Greg Maddux

Some people admire pitchers who can pump out the heater. I've always appreciated the control pitchers more. Greg Maddux epitomizes the term. It was amazing to watch him get the best hitters in the game to ground out in key situations. Plus he's won four Cy Young Awards and eighteen Gold Glove Awards. Cool piece of trivia: He named his son "Satchel" and his daughter's middle name is "Paige".

Honorable Mention - Dwight Gooden

Relief Pitcher - Rollie Fingers

There are numerous reasons Mr. Fingers are on this list. He's my childhood buddy's uncle. He played for both of my favorite teams: the A's and the Padres. He's a 7x all-star, 4x Rolaids Relief Award winner, an AL MVP, and a Cy Young Award winner. But let's be serious... the number one reason he's on my all-time roster... he has the coolest mustache in MLB history.

Honorable Mention - Dennis Eckersley

Stay tuned for my next post... where I'll share my dream infield. Until then... I'm interested in hearing what you have to say...

Who are your favorite managers, catchers, and pitchers of all-time?

Have a great day... only two days until the weekend. Sayonara!


  1. Manager - Bobby Cox

    Catcher - Brian McCann

    Lefty - Tom Glavine

    Righty - Greg Maddux

    Closer - John Smoltz

  2. Captain - I can already see where this is going... love seeing Glavine, Maddux, and Smoltz.

  3. I'm going to keep it to guys I've seen. It would be easy to say Casey Stengal for manager per se, but since I wasn't alive, doesn't seem like I can make a fair assessment. Same with old-time players.

    Manager - Joe Torre - terrible with bullpen management, but I always appreciated his presence and his ability to push the right button at the right time.

    Catcher - Pudge - best I've seen during his prime.

    Lefty - Randy Johnson

    Righty - Roger Clemens (probably in his Toronto days...just a little too young to remember his dominant Boston days)

    Closer - Come on, now. Mo.

  4. the lost collector - my whole dream team includes players from my lifetime... with the exception of one (but you'll have to wait to see who it is).

    speaking of pudge... he almost made my honorary mention. he was right behind fisk, who was behind bench.

  5. I'm an A's fan, so some of these might be similar to yours :)

    Manager - Billy Martin

    Catcher - Gary Carter

    Lefty - Vida Blue

    Righty - Fergie Jenkins

    Closer - Rollie Fingers

  6. nathan - glad to see another a's fan on here... so you won't find any complaints coming from me.

    i like your selection of gary carter... i have a small montreal expos pc and he's definitely one of my favorites.

    i'm also a fan of vida blue. he was so vital to the 70's athletics.

  7. Manager- Tony LaRussa
    Runner up- Jim Leyland

    Lefty- Randy Johnson(in my lifetime)
    Runner up- CC Sabathia

    Righty- Nolan Ryan
    Runner up- Roger Clemens

    Closer- Mariano Rivera
    Runner up- Lee Smith

    Catcher- Pudge Rodriguez
    Runner up- Yadier Molina