30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Thursday, August 11, 2011

MLB Dream Team: Infielders

If you were creating your dream MLB team, who would be on your team? Would you load up your squad with legendary Hall of Famers? Or would you go with only current players who are bonafide superstars. What about players from your favorite team(s)?

Well if you're like me... then you'd go with your favorite players from the past and present.

Today is Part B of my three part series showcasing my MLB dream team and I'll be focusing on the perfect infield. Last week, I blogged about my dream team's manager, catcher, and pitchers. If you missed it, click part A below:

Part B - Infielders
Part C - Outfielders & Designated Hitter

Okay... let's get to it...

First Baseman - Will Clark

I'm a lifelong A's fan... and grew up hating their Bay Area counterpart... the San Francisco Giants. However Will Clark is a huge part of my hobby history and there's no denying his ability to thrill his fans.

Honorable Mention - Adrian Gonzalez

Second Baseman - Jackie Robinson

He's the only player on my roster that played before my time. But his legacy lives on in baseball today. His accomplishments on the diamond are amazing... but to me, Mr. Robinson is more than a ball player... he's a man of character. Every year I use a quote of his in my classroom to inspire students to be positive role models in our society.

Honorable Mention - Ryne Sandberg

Shortstop - Ozzie Smith

If you grew up in the 80's and loved baseball... then chances are you've seen The Wizard of Oz and his incredible defensive plays... along with his trademark back flip. If not... I encourage you to check it out.

Honorable Mention - Cal Ripken Jr.

Third Baseman - Bill Madlock

My third baseman selection is the perfect example of where childhood trumps adulthood. I originally chose Chipper Jones, because of his loyalty to the Atlanta Braves and his accomplishments over the past two decades. But then I remembered Mad Dog and how I used to pretend to be him when I was younger.

Honorable Mention - Chipper Jones

So what do you think? As The Rock would say... "It doesn't matter what you think!". This is my dream team... not yours. Just kidding... feel free to leave me some feedback.

And stay tuned for the final post in this series... where I'll share my dream outfield... and whether you like them or not... my all-time favorite designated hitter.

Until then...

Who's your dream infield?

Have a great day... only two days until the weekend. Sayonara!


  1. I need to revisit this when I'm back from vacation, but I had to comment on that awesome Will Clark auto. He's my all time favorite. Thanks for showing that card!

  2. 1B - Pujols
    2B - Cano
    SS - ARod
    3B - Boggs

    That would be Mariner/Ranger ARod at SS by the way.

  3. well, sorry, I'm kinda partial to the current Phillies infield at the moment!!

    nice selection of cards there Fuji.

  4. Can't get much better than the '99 Mets infield!

  5. Madlock! Nice.

    1B - Willie Stargell
    2B - Sweet Lou Whitaker
    SS- Alan Trammell
    3B- George Brett

    (Whitaker and Trammell- Most Double Plays turned all-time.)

  6. 1B - Mark McGwire
    2B - Roberto Alomar
    3B - Eric Chavez
    SS - Bert Campaneris

  7. I'm a Jays fan, so mine would look like this:

    1B: Delgado
    2B: Alomar
    3B: Gruber
    SS: Fernandez

    I know, pure bias... but I'd say you take the prime years from each of those guys and they could take anyone on.

  8. Garvey, Lopes, Cey and Russell. Or Garvey, Cey, Russell, Lopes if you run a certain blog.

  9. 1B - Fred McGriff / Todd Helton platoon
    2B - Johnny Ray
    SS - Troy Tulowitzki
    3B - Vinny Castilla

    Yeah there's no way they would platoon, but I couldn't choose my favorite player ever over my favorite team's best player ever.

  10. play at the plate - thanks, i love that card too. clark has a beautiful signature that has stood the test of time.

    the lost collector - thank goodness... can it be the columbus clippers cano?

    dawgbones - four all-star infielders... not too shabby ;-)

    (...Joe) - had to go back and look the 99 mets up... nice call. always liked olerud and ventura.

    thesewingmachineguy - love the 80's picks... and thanks for the cool information. it figures, those two are a great combination.

    nathan - showing the a's some love... i like it. huge fan of alomar too, he's right behind sandberg in my book.

    sortingbyteams - as i said to nathan... alomar is right behind sandberg. also a big fan of tony fernandez. i remember treasuring his 84 donruss rookie.

    night owl - classic dodger infield... involving the other bill russell

    hiflew - i understand... i think it's a dilemma a lot of us encounter at some point in life: team vs. player. btw... mcgriff would be in my top 5 for 1b... nice call.