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Monday, August 8, 2011

Flea Market Finds #12

When: Saturday, August 6th
Where: De Anza Flea Market
What: SLU's, a McFarlane, some Star Wars figures, a Yu-Gi-Oh booster box, & two trading card sets
How Much: $81

Purchase #1: 1985 Robotech Trading Card Set $2

This is the most affordable purchase and easily the best deal of the day (IMHO). It's a 60 card Robotech trading card set that was produced in 1985. The set highlights the first 36 episodes from The Macross Saga, which was the cartoon I watched religiously in the 80's.

I've never seen this set before and wasn't able to find any completed sales on eBay... but it's the best $2 I've spent all year.

Purchase #2: 2010 Aaron Rodgers McFarlane $13

I'm not sure how much these sell for at Target and Walmart... but Toys R Us sells these for $15.99. I probably can find one of these for $10 or less online... but ultimately... shipping is costly. So when the lady offered me this figure for $15, I countered with an offer of $13... which I consider to be fair for both sides. She gets to make a few dollars on the piece... and I get to add another Green Bay Packer to my McFarlane collection.

Purchase #3: 1996 Star Wars 12" Luke Skywalker & Obi-wan Kenobi Figures $16

These two figures were actually two separate purchases, but since they make a nice pair, I decided to combine them in this post. I found the Kenobi figure first for $8. The box was sealed and in beautiful condition, so this purchase was a no-brainer in my book.

Less than five minutes later at another booth, I came across the Skywalker counterpart. His box was a little beaten up, but I decided to inquire about the piece anyways. The gentleman wanted $15 for the Skywalker and I told him about my Kenobi purchase.

He asked me about my collection and I explained that I planned on opening up both pieces to display them on my Star Wars shelf in my office. I had no intention of paying $15 and just as I was picking up my backpack... he told me he'd sell it for $8 too.

Purchase #4: 1991 Upper Deck Football Set + Bonuses $5

This is one of those purchases that was too good to pass up. I know what you're thinking... 1991 Upper Deck football? What a waste of good cardboard!

But for $5... I received the following:

A. The complete series one base set (#1-500), which books for an overwhelming $10.
B. Joe Montana Heroes set (#'s 1-9 w/ SP header card) BV: $10
C. Game Breaker Hologram set #'s GB1-GB9) BV: $8
D. 1991 Upper Deck #SP1 Darrell Green BV: $.50
E. Binder & Pages

Okay... so book value doesn't mean anything... but anytime I can pick up a complete base set with two insert sets, a short print card, and a binder with enough pages to hold everything for $5... well... I'll take it.

Purchase #5: Various Kenner Starting Lineups $30

At first glance... some of you might be shaking your heads asking yourself... why would this guy waste $30 on a bunch of worthless toys. However... if you collected SLU's in the 80's and 90's... then you can appreciate the money I spent on these pieces of plastic.

Sure... these weren't super cheap... but at the same time... as a SLU collector... it was money well spent. Four of the six figures are either Kenner Club or Convention figures... and were not sold in retail stores. The other two figures are retail store pieces, but were popular in the 90's and difficult to find on shelves.

Best of all... all of them are in beautiful condition... as if a collector purchased them and tucked them away for the past 13 years.

1994 Kenner Collector Club Joe Namath

1995 Kenner Great Western SLU Convention Joe Montana

1996 Kenner Collector Club Bobby & Brett Hull

1998 Kenner Collector Club Joe Montana Freeze Frame

1989 Kenner SLU Jerry Rice

1995 Kenner Timeless Legends SLU Walter Payton

Back in the 90's these six figures would have easily fetched $100+. But today... I was able to add these beautiful figures for a fraction of those prices.

Purchase #6: Pharaonic Guardian Booster Box $15

As I was heading back to my car, I came across a box of Yu-Gi-Oh packs. The woman wanted $.50 for a pack, which seemed cheap... so without thinking... I offered her $15 for the box. She accepted and now I'm the proud owner of some cards that I don't know how to use.

I checked online and noticed that these boxes sell for as little as $39.00 (+ $9.99 shipping) on eBay... so I guess I got a decent deal.

The plastic wrapping on my box was coming apart, so the lady suggested I open it up in front of her... to make sure it hadn't been tampered with. I figured I was probably going to give them away as prizes in my class anyways... so it didn't matter if the box is sealed or not.

So how did I do? After today, I have two days left of summer vacation. Then I'm headed back into the classroom for another year of joyous wonder with my students... teenage drama... waking up early... checking and correcting homework... and of course report cards.

And since I have to do report cards... why shouldn't you?

Today's question of the day:

How would you grade each of my purchases?

Here's the grading scale:

A = Steal of the Century
B = Impressive, but not great!
C = Ummm... you did okay... I guess.
D = What were you thinking? Did you really need this?
F = You need to turn around and see if they'll give you a refund. Epic waste of money.

Here's how I graded myself:

Purchase #1: 1985 Robotech Trading Card Set $2 A+
Purchase #2: 2010 Aaron Rodgers McFarlane $13 B-
Purchase #3: 1996 Star Wars 12" Luke Skywalker & Obi-wan Kenobi Figures $16 B
Purchase #4: 1991 Upper Deck Football Set + Bonuses $5 A-
Purchase #5: Various Kenner Starting Lineups $30 B+
Purchase #6: Pharaonic Guardian Booster Box $15 C+

Obviously, I'm a little biased... since I'm completely happy with my purchases and have no regrets for once.

But as always... I'm interested in hearing what all of you have to say. So keep it real and don't hold back... I'm a big boy.

And just in case you're wondering... I truly love my job. I compare it to Aaron Rodgers and football... I get paid to do something I love... teach.

Happy Monday everyone... enjoy the rest of your week. Sayonara!


Paul Hadsall said...

Here's how I'd grade your purchases, but keep in mind that I'm not much of a football or hockey fan:

Purchase #1: 1985 Robotech Trading Card Set $2 A+
Purchase #2: 2010 Aaron Rodgers McFarlane $13 F
Purchase #3: 1996 Star Wars 12" Luke Skywalker & Obi-wan Kenobi Figures $16 B
Purchase #4: 1991 Upper Deck Football Set + Bonuses $5 B
Purchase #5: Various Kenner Starting Lineups $30 C
Purchase #6: Pharaonic Guardian Booster Box $15 D

You got a really great deal on the Robotech cards, as far as I'm concerned. :)

Scott Crawford said...

The Macross purchase was awesome. (Side note on the Macross stuff: I just friended and talked to Gerry Giovinco, the former publisher of Comico comics, on Facebook tonight. He's the guy who brought the Macross comics license over here first, so you're probably familiar with that much, at least. Nice dude, met him a lifetime ago at a local comics show.)

I like the '91 f00'ball set (I ended up getting a LOT of f00'ball from that basic time period this weekend), and some of those SLUs are pretty good too (love the Namath and the Rice). I was just telling someone over the weekend, who asked me about the little bit of stock I own and whether I was worried about it: "Even if my stock becomes totally worthless, the collapse of Starting Line Up prices would still be a worse financial thing that I've weathered."

The Proud Owner Of The '88 Canseco And McGwire Figures (Ugh.)

Ryan G said...

I wonder if we passed each other or if you were there before/after I was. I reached the flea around 10 and left by noon.

1: Did you buy it from the guy with all the non-sport sets? $2 for a full non-sport set is a good deal, though that set isn't my cup of tea. A- for me, A+ for you!

2: It's tricky with McFarlane figures, and if you are going to the toy show this weekend then I would have waited. But recent figures aren't really going to be discounted. I think I saw that same dealer and considered some of the baseball figures, but I had to abstain for monetary reasons. B-; not too much of a discount, but still an okay deal.

3: Star Wars can get expensive, especially the large figures - unless it's the Episode One figurines, which were grossly overproduced. Even the '90s stuff isn't hot, but the price you paid was fair. B+.

4: I think you must have hit the flea after me, because I think I remember looking at that binder really quick, and since I don't do football I ignored it (or maybe that was another football binder). Book value means nothing - $5 for a full set plus some inserts is a good deal. If the binder is in quality shape, that's your $5 worth right there. A.

5: I know what dealer you bought these from, because I bought a Cal Ripken SLU from him (convention exclusive) for $5. You paid the same as me, and while I would have liked paying less, the convention exclusive part makes $5 worth it. A.

6: I know nothing about Yu-Gi-Oh, but since you're giving them away in class, $15 for 36 little prizes isn't a bad deal. I would have probably started at $10 and worked up, but $15 seems fair. B+ at least.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a football guy at all, but if I could get the equivalent 1991 UD Baseball set for $5, I would think that was the greatest deal in the history of the universe, even if I already have the cards. Maybe there's something wrong with me, I don't know. Either way, well played, good sir, well played.

Chris P said...

I absolutely LOVE the SLU's of course, A+++++ in my book, I've always wanted the Joe Montana Freeze Frame, I love freeze frames in general and the 89 rice is sweeeeeeeeeet, all of em are sweet!! Nice SLU haul Fuji!

Captain Canuck said...

I'll give you an overall grade of a B.

And I'm a wee jealous... I've been hunting that Joe Montana Header Card for YEARS!!!! It's the only card I'm still missing for that set.

John Bateman said...

1985 Robotech set A+ all you need is the Trilogy of the best comic sci-fi series ever on DVD or Blue Ray

2010 Rodgers incomplete or B?
1996 Star Wars incomplete?
1991 UD Football A+
Kenner SL - A
Pharaonic - incomplete

Don't know too much about the incomplete items

Fuji said...

Paul - Yeah... I see where you're coming from on the Rodgers piece... I pretty much paid full price. But... he's my favorite QB and I haven't been able to find one at the local retail stores.

Scott - Never heard of Giovinco, but that's pretty cool that you met the guy.

The cool thing about SLU price collapses is we're able to pick them up for dirt cheap these days. At least they're not like pogs... which collapsed and people still don't want them.

BTW... I'm seriously jealous that you own an 88 Canseco & McGwire.

Ryan G - No, I bought it from a couple near the food vendors. I saw the guy with the non-sports sets, but didn't buy anything.

I almost considered buying the Ripken piece too... but I have one already. I hope he's back next month... b/c I might end up picking up a few more fb sets for $5 each... I just didn't have anywhere else to put them.

sortingbyteams - yeah... i couldn't pass up that deal... worse case scenario, i sort them by teams and give them away as prizes... while keeping the sweet hologram set for myself.

Chris P - thanks buddy... I'm a huge fan of the freeze frame figures myself. I now own the Nolan Ryan and Montana... I just need the Wayne Gretzky.

Captain - If the packaging was damaged, I'd have no qualms about busting it open and giving you the card... but the package is about as clean as I'm going to find it.

It's nice to see another guy out there who collects SLU trading cards too. I have over 75 in my collection... and it's slowly growing each year.

Fuji said...

John - I own the Macross series on DVD and VHS, but haven't invested in the other series... YET.

The Lost Collector said...

I remember the Fastest Man Alive card! I definitely had it back in the day.

The Starting Line-ups are cool. I still have a bunch of them, but it's laughable to see them compared to the McFarlanes. Still cool to have in the packages though.

Martyn said...

Grading them just as you did,

Purchase #1: 1985 Robotech Trading Card Set $2 A+
Purchase #2: 2010 Aaron Rodgers McFarlane $13 B-
Purchase #3: 1996 Star Wars 12" Luke Skywalker & Obi-wan Kenobi Figures $16 B
Purchase #4: 1991 Upper Deck Football Set + Bonuses $5 A-
Purchase #5: Various Kenner Starting Lineups $30 B+
Purchase #6: Pharaonic Guardian Booster Box $15 C+

You enjoy them & you're not struggling for rent, so enjoy life & your passion!

Wes Moore the former JBF said...

A+++ on the SLU's. If you ever run up on some Arizona/Phoenix Cardinals, Dallas Mavs, Atlanta Braves, or the elusive Gary Redus White Sox think of me. We will work something out!

Mark Zentkovich said...

I see some redskins love here with the darrell green card..