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Friday, August 5, 2011

Contest Alert: Jaybarkerfan's Junk

Jaybarkerfan is about to hit his 100th post and he's celebrating with a contest. You have two ways of entering his contest:

A. Comment on his contest post. Click here for the actual post.

B. Mention his contest on your blog.

Each entry earns one spot on his random.org list... where he'll randomize ten times. The top 10 names will be invited to his party.

That's where things get fun and crazy. The party has ten rounds... each round has a theme (see his blog for the different themes)... and each theme has 10 prizes (one for each entrant).

There will be a four day trading period too... so you can trade one of your unwanted themes to someone else for one of the themes they don't want.

I love contests which involve creativity... so I'm definitely in. I encourage you to head over to the party too. Let's have some fun!

Thanks Jaybarkerfan... I'll be crossing my fingers in hopes of being invited to the party!

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