30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Set Showcase #5: 1993 UD Denny's "Grand Slam" Set

Where were you in 1993? What were you doing? What were your interests? Well, I was in my early 20's living at home with my parents going to SJSU... and studying Piaget's theory of cognitive development and Erikson's stages of development... in hopes of becoming a teacher one day.

Just like most college students... I balanced my work, my family, and of course my friends & school. At the time, most of the people I hung out with were all going to school with me... so we often ate, slept (don't be dirty), partied, traveled, and of course studied together.

We studied everywhere... each other's houses, on park benches, at the library, and of course Denny's. It wasn't uncommon for us to eat there three or four times a week... no joke. I loved Denny's. And of course... I loved the baseball cards they gave out with each Grand Slam meal you purchased. In order to be in the set, you had to be a player who hit a grand slam in your MLB career. On the back of the card, Upper Deck did a little write up about the player and their grand slams... along with the # of grand slams they hit during their career.

Unfortunately, I don't think I have any of these cards left from my college years. There may be a few sitting in boxes at my parent's house... but most likely, they were sold off with the rest of my collection around 10 years ago.

Then... I came across some of these while on one of my flea market hunts and knew I wanted to grab a set. So... of course I headed over to eBay. It's the fastest and easiest way to pick up a set. I know it's not the most fun... but for the price I had to buy it.

Without further adieu... I introduce to you... the 1993 UD Denny's "Grand Slam" set:

Set: 28 cards (1:1 pack)

Hall of Famers: 21% (Rickey Henderson, Robin Yount, Ryne Sandberg, Eddie Murray, Cal Ripken Jr., and Kirby Puckett)

Future Hall of Famers: (Gary Sheffield?)

#1 Chili Davis (2 career grand slams)
#2 Eric Anthony (2 career grand slams)
#3 Rickey Henderson (1 career grand slam)
#4 Joe Carter (6 career grand slams)
#5 Terry Pendelton (3 career grand slams)
#6 Robin Yount (3 career grand slams)
#7 Ray Lankford (1 career grand slam)
#8 Ryne Sandberg (3 career grand slams)

#9 Darryl Strawberry (5 career grand slams)
#10 Marquis Grissom (1 career grand slam)
#11 Will Clark (4 career grand slams)
#12 Albert Belle (2 career grand slams)
#13 Edgar Martinez (1 career grand slam)
#14 Benito Santiago (3 career grand slams)
#15 Eddie Murray (17 career grand slams)
#16 Cal Ripken Jr. (2 career grand slams)

#17 Gary Sheffield (2 career grand slams)
#18 Dave Hollins (2 career grand slams)
#19 Andy Van Slyke (1 career grand slam)
#20 Juan Gonzalez (1 career grand slam)
#21 John Valentin (1 career grand slam)
#22 Joe Oliver (1 career grand slam)
#23 Dante Bichette (1 career grand slam)
#24 Wally Joyner (3 career grand slams)

#25 Cecil Fielder (5 career grand slams)
#26 Kirby Puckett (3 career grand slams)
#27 Robin Ventura (2 career grand slams)
#28 Danny Tartabull (9 career grand slams)

Can you believe that Eddie Murray had 19 career grand slams? He currently holds the 4th most in the history of MLB baseball. Lou Gehrig (23), Manny Ramirez (21), and Alex Rodriguez (21) are the only players who've hit more. Of course... some of these totals are outdated.

Rickey Henderson, John Valentin, & Dave Hollins finished their careers with 3 a piece... Grissom 4... Oliver, Pendleton, Clark & Sandberg each hit 5... Lankford & Joyner each sent 6 over the fence... Puckett smacked 7... Strawberrry, Santiago, Davis, Gonzalez & Ripken Jr each had 8... and Bichette, Martinez, had 9

Now for the big dogs... players in this set who finished with 10 or more career grand slams:

Joe Carter - 10 career grand slams
Cecil Fielder - 11 career grand slams
Danny Tartabull - 11 career grand slams
Albert Belle - 13 career grand slams
Gary Sheffield - 13 career grand slams

and the one that shocked me the most... Robin Ventura, who hit an amazing 18 career grand slams. Which means that between 1993 and 2004, when he retired... he hit 16 grand slams. That's insane! Another cool fact I learned about Mr. Ventura was that he became the first player to ever hit a grand slam during each end of a double hitter.

There are of course a couple of people who never added onto their totals. Eric Anthony and Robin Yount never hit another grand slam during their careers. I couldn't find anymore information on Andy Van Slyke, but it looks like he never hit another grand slam either (however, I could be wrong).

If you're interested in finding more cool statistics, I encourage you to head over to Baseball Almanac. That's where I found the career grand slam totals for all of these players.

Today's question is...

Do you think Manny and Alex will pass Lou during their careers? If so... who will do it? How many will the finish with?

Personally, I hope neither of them do. I admire Mr. Gehrig's legacy... and don't care much for Mr. Ramirez or Mr. Rodriguez. However... my guess is that Mr. Rodriguez will finish with finish with 24, while Manny will only hit one more to finish with 22.

Have a great weekend.


  1. I'm with you, I hope neither player passes Lou in career grandslams. If someone were to do it though it will be ARod.
    That set is pretty sweet. I think the subject would make a great subset in a regular issue Topps series but knowing Topps, if they did make that as a subset they would make different variations and SSPs for each of the same player and Gehrig would probably have a pie in his face too.

  2. First off, those are great. I love the hologram, silhouette card design UD used in the early/mid 90's. I think it's one of the best technologies/looks of the 90's. Great set Mark!!!

    I am a Yankees fan, but I do not want A-Rod to break that record. However, it is futile. He is surprisingly money with 3 runners in scoring position.

  3. That is a great set.

    I think A-Rod will pass him without a doubt. Batting in that lineup, often hitting 4th, for the next 8 seasons (which is how long his contract lasts). There's no way he won't hit 3 more.

    When A-Rod retires, it's likely he'll have that record, and Bonds's HR record. He may well obliterate Aaron's RBI record - he's already only 460 away and he is coming off a 125 RBI season. Don't know how I feel about all that, but, it is what it is.

  4. tony mc - a topps subset would be a great idea... but i'd rather have them join forces with denny's again and create another restaurant set. i'm not a big fan of the pie cards... but then again... that's because i've never had one in my possession.

    charles -i'm a big fan of the hologram card too... upper deck did some amazing things in the 90's with that technology. i agree... a-rod will eventually pass Mr. Gehrig.

    lifetimetopps - you're probably right on all accounts... unfortunately :-(

  5. I have a bunch of these still in there original packages. What do you suggest I do with them?
    If sell them.... where?

    1. Unfortunately, they're not worth much. You can check completed listings on eBay, but if I were to guess... you could probably buy these for $5 to $7/set. That's probably the best place for you to sell them if that's the road you decide to take.