30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Flea Market Finds #6

When: Sunday November 14th
Where: Capitol Flea Market
What: MLB 09 The Show, more SLU's, a Maddux for my PC, and a dog
How Much: $17

Purchase #1: Taco Bell chihuahua $1

70% of all of the dealers at this flea market have fast food "meal deal" toys. Normally, I don't even take the time to check these out... but I noticed this guy had a box of these toys still in their bags. I found this sitting on top, so I grabbed it and asked the dealer how much he wanted. He wanted $2 each or 3 for $5. I offered him a buck and he took it. So now I'm the proud owner of a talking dog.

Purchase #2: 2002 Fleer Authentix "Jersey AuthenTIX" #JAGM $2

Purchase #3: MLB 09 The Show for the PS3 $5

I think sports games' values drop faster than cars. This guy had about 15 of these, 10 of 09 Madden, and a few of the older Tiger Woods golf games for $5 a piece. Anyways... I haven't turned my PS3 on since I passed Modern Warfare 2 this past summer. Maybe this will motivate me to turn on the system.

Purchase #4: Nine more SLU's

(1995 Martin Brodeur & 1999 Wayne Gretzky)

(2000 Tony Gwynn, 1991 Bo Jackson, & 1996 Ken Griffey Jr.)

(1995 Charles Barkley, 1993 Charles Barkley, 1996 Dikembe Mutumbo, & 1997 Grant Hill)

Wow... times have changed. Fifteen years ago, these would have sold for $5 to 15 a piece... maybe even more. Today... these are practically worthless. I picked up nine more Kenner Starting Line-ups for $9. Yep... $1 a piece.

I felt like Santa Claus carrying around this big Toy's-R-Us bag, so I went up to the first garbage can I saw... and started ripping open these figures. It's amazing how much space you save when you free these from their packages. I was able to fit everything easily into my backpack.

So... now that I've come home... eaten lunch... settled in front of the computer... and have almost finished this post... I realize that I'm experiencing a little "buyer's remorse". I'm okay with two of my purchases... but regret the other two.

Which leads us to today's question... Which two items do I regret purchasing?

I'll tell you what... if you answer the question correctly, I'll give you a prize. If more than one of you get it correct, I'll use random.org to pick a winner. Entries will be accepted until Monday @ 9PM PST.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.


  1. I guess the talking dog and the video game.

  2. The game and a figure that you already have (I would guess that would be Sir Charles).

    Also, would you want more SLU's? I have 4 from a trade between me and the Troll (3 Albert Belles of various years and a Kirby Puckett from 1995) and I may have a few more at my parent's house. If you're interested I could throw some in in a future trade.

  3. I'm thinking it's the chihuahua and the PS3 game. I have a Sandis Ozolinsh SLU I would trade you for the Gwynn, but I also know you are Gwynn collector.

  4. I'm going with the hockey slu's.

    That Maddox is awesome. Nice addition to your PC!!!

  5. The dog and the figures... where are you going to display them?

  6. I'll say the game and the dog (I put dog because I couldn't spell chihuahua)

  7. I'll take the beaten path and say the Game and the talking dog. Mostly because that's how I feel whenever I buy a new game and because dogs aren't supposed to talk. It ruins all the fun. haha

  8. I would say the dog and the game, but I have that same talking dog and for a buck don't think that's regrettable. So, I'm going to say the game since you probably won't play it the SLU figures because you're running out of room for them.

  9. SpastikMooss - Thanks for the offer, but I have a ton of SLU's... in fact I have so many I've taken a bunch to school for my students.

    Mariner1 - Sorry... I bought the lot specifically for the Gwynn, so I can't trade it.

    Charles - Thanks... I actually already had this card in my collection. Luckily, it had a different color swatch.

    Captain Canuck - Some of them are displayed on shelves in my office... others I take to my classroom where I display some & give away others. I'll try to do an update on my wall of fame... but here's the link to what it looked like a couple of months ago:


    (...Joe) - thanks for the laugh!

    offy -so close... yet so far.

  10. I regret buying the game and the dog. I played one game and realized it takes too long to finish one game... let alone a whole season or career. And the dog... what do I need a talking dog for?

    Anyways... four people had the correct answer:


    I randomized it five times and (...Joe) was on top... so congratulations (...Joe)! I'll be contacting you, so I can ship out your prize.

  11. I would have to go with the dog....it could actually have all sorts of nasty critters living on it....the cards are pretty safe and I love the hockey starting line ups.

  12. Dave H - lol... never thought about the dog having critters... that's pretty gross... but it could be true. Well... it's in the classroom... so it's the school's problem now.