30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cheap Cool Cards #7: Shannon Brown autographs

Twenty-five years ago... Shannon Brown was brought into this world by his mother. Little did she know... she was going to deliver a small gift to basketball fans who appreciate the art of dunking.

Mr. Brown is one of the most entertaining dunkers in the game. It is truly amazing how high he gets his 6-4 body off the ground. In fact... it's straight nasty. He may not be the most creative. And he might dunk well under pressure (just watch last year's dunk contest). But... if it's in the middle of a game... and you need someone take flight... I'm not sure there are many who can out hop Shannon. His vertical leap is truly breathtaking. Check it out yourself:

The sweet thing about collecting Mr. Brown is that he's affordable. Just last month, I picked up this Shannon Brown autograph for $1. Sure it's a sticker auto... but it's an autograph nonetheless.

Card: 07/08 Upper Deck "Star Signings" #SB
Beckett Value: $10
eBay Price: BIN $5.99 (+ $1.95 shipping)
COMC Price: $8.99

I picked the other autograph up a few months earlier during the summer for $2.

Card: 07/08 Ultra "autoGraphics" #AU-SB
Beckett Value: $8
eBay Price: BIN $5.00 (+ $1.75 shipping)
COMC Price: NA

His prices have gone up a little... due to his popularity with LA fans. His 09/10 UD "Signature Collection" autograph goes for around $20... but that's because he's pictured as a Laker. My suggestion is to search the forums for people who are selling singles. I picked up both of these off of a guy who has a shop on Sports Card Forum.

It might just be worth your time... to pick up an autograph of one of the sweetest dunkers in the game.

Happy Birthday Mr. Brown!

Monday's question of the day:

Who's your favorite dunker of all-time?

No doubt... mine is Spud Webb... but I'll save that story for another post. Have a great week!


  1. Human. Highlight. Film.

    It's gotta be Nique.

  2. I love me some Shannon Brown. He says his goal is to win the Sixth Man of the Year Award. I think he can. He's becoming one of my favorite players in the league.

    My favorite dunker of all time is 'Nique. But I think the best dunker of all time is Spud Webb. What that man could do at his height was just sick.

    Kids today don't understand what 'Nique, Spud, MJ, Kenny Sky Walker, and Clyde did for the art of dunking. Damn, times have changed.

  3. Shannon is playing great this year - his jump shot has really improved. You can tell he has worked hard on his game. Those are great purchases you made!

    Favorite Dunker? A kid I went to school with who came in 2nd in the NCAA dunk contest Myree Bowden.

  4. Vince Carter...but look for Blake Griffin to break into the list of great dunkers.

  5. Wow, S. Brown dunks like me on an 8ft rim.

    This is a tough question because there are so many categories you can break this down to. I think what Spud Webb did in the '86 contest is incredible. Forget that he was only 5ft whatever. Those were great dunks. No one dunked harder than 'Nique and I think should have beaten Jordan in those contests. Jordan has some of the best in game dunks without question. I also like the Tom Chambers dunk on poor Mark Jackson and Pippen on Ewing. I love all of those dunks and dunkers, but the best all-around dunker to combine artistry, creativity, hops and power is Vince Carter.

    @ dodgerbobble: I agree completely. The kids just don't understand. Plus, Kenny "Flat Top" Walker was the man.

    P.S. @Fuji, your cards are packaged and ready to be mailed tomorrow. This post also gave me a good idea. Thanks!!!

  6. Spankee- You're so right about Blake Griffin. That man has some sick dunks. He might be the only reason for me to go to a Clipper game this year.

    Charles - I can't believe I forgot about Vince Carter. He's on my list of all time favorites too.

  7. My obvious favorite was Mr. Wilkins, but I gotta put a shout out to Terrance Stansbury too.

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  9. JAVALE MAGEE OR JERMEY EVANS they made their mane by dunking